Why everybody should use TuneSat

This is another time when TuneSat helped me in chasing illegal use and unpaid royalties. I’ve heard stories about similar actions taken by authors so that’s nothing new, although some new authors can find this story useful.

Few days ago I have found my music in a Swedish and Norwegian TV commercial. I’ve checked statement and it seemed that client didn’t bought broadcast license. I’ve asked @MojoSoundtrack (he’s from Norway) for the translation of audio record from TuneSat. He recognized brand X from consortium Y. So I wrote to FB page of brand and used contact form from help center of consortium.

The very next day they have bought the biggest license (probably bigger than needed) and called me with apologies.


Very cool! Forgot to mention my 40% translation fee though :wink: No but seriously, another example why we need more clear broadcast presentation.

I see the population in Sweden in 9.99 Million in 2017, so the top biggest license is probably correct in 2019 :slight_smile:

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Hello and thank you for sharing your experience

Interesting about Tunesat , but I don’t have any idea how to use it, do we need to be a p.r.o author or something ? can I join if I’m not a P.r.o author?
also, does it show used items before joining Tunesat ?

@RedOctopus Was it still result from free account?

You don’t have to have your music registered with a PRO to be able to use TuneSat. Anybody can open a free account (with number of tracks and detection limitations).

No, the free account doesn’t show past broadcasts (prior to registration), though I think there is a paid option to be able to do that.


All right ,Thank You :ok_hand:

After years with no new results, I got fresh one. One of my track aired on a major channel in Germany. Contacted them and negociated a compensation. It’s not a lot, but still more than the last 6 months on AJ.

As a free tool, Tunesat earned me thousands (well about a couple, but still) over the years.

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By the way 100% of detected broadcast were either improperly licensed or unlicensed altogether. 100%!!

are you on the free plan? how many tracks can I upload on the free plan? Thanks!

35, :wink:
Sorry, mistake on my part!
50 tracks, and then 35 € for more titles with premium subscription!

In that kind of situations are you contacting the TV station/broadcaster or the client/business owner of the advertised product?

I’m curious because I have some findings and want to strike myself. Thanks in advance :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes on the free plan, can’t afford anything else. Free plan is limited to 50 tracks. There may also be some restriction on scanned areas (don’t remember about that).

In the latest I contacted the channel directly, as I had no information other than the channel it aired on. The music was used in a show about sports. Used their generic contact email and was directed to the licensing department. The situation was resolved within a couple days. For the other cases, where the music was improperly licensed, I contacted the buyers directly. They were production companies for the most part, one was a TV channel.

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I got the same problem, with “CBS Sports”.
The same track aired two times last month.

Business owner is the most “responsible” cell. TV Channels do not answer usually.

Tunesat findings gave me a lot of cash. A LOT.


Does it mean that you got a lot of unlicensed/improperly licensed detections? Or that you were able to really milk a few ones?

Did you contact them? It’s definitely worth a shot.

I sent an email, waiting for a response.

Both. One of them was really big and the misuse was huge and intentional.

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Isn’t that what publishers are supposed to do, like Songtrust etc?

Wow…sounds fantastic. But as I heard that PRO do not rely on Tunesat detection because mostly it is inaccurate. So, if it looks like true you still figured out to contact TV channels and got confirmed with detections and even got paid by the channels directly, right?

I have thousands detections already visible in my Tunesat account and as far as I see have more to come by the way, but they want me to upgrade. So the business model is clear, upgrade to see more detection. But what to do with these detections? Why PROs do not trust it if it is yet accurate?