I need some advice/help about Tunesat and royalties


I discovered on tunesat that some of my tracks have been aired on some television. So what is the correct license for that and how I can check which license is bought?

Also, can I expect some extra royalties from that? I have registered those tracks with BMI.

Thanks in advance guys


The correct license depends on the TV channel and its potential reach. If the channel is available to less than 1 million people, then the Music Broadcast (1 Million) is required, if it’s available to between 1 and 10 millions, then it’s the Music Broadcast (10 Million), and if over 10 millions, then the Music Broadcast & Film is what’s required.

To know if the correct license was bought, you’ll have to know who your client was. This means some detective work, going through your statements, and googling the name of the brand, if it’s heard in the audio snippets that comes with Tunesat detections…


Thanks man, your help is very much appreciated.


@RainyAudio are you using free plan on TuneSat?




Yes, you can expect PRO royalties from BMI.


Do I need to report them that my track has been used on tv or just wait?


If the track was used in a TV show, movie, documentary,… your buyer would have had to fill a cue sheet, for your royalties to be properly attributed.
If your music was used in a commercial, they you would need to make a claim.
In any case it’s worth asking your PRO what the best way to proceed is.


Thank you again @PurpleFog, your answers are very helpful.


It depends on country. E.g. in Poland commercials are also “cued”. I’ve heard that in Israel, Estonia and few other UE countries they do not pay PRO for commercials. And so on.