Sold a Broadcast License, should i deposit the item at my P.R.O.?

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Just Sold a Broadcast License (1 million)---- Should i deposit the Item now at P.R.O:?
Thank you!!


I also want to know )

yes my friend :smiley:

The item was uploaded with no PRO registration…since at that moment it was not allowed by AJ…
so now that someone is going to broadcast the music, i think that when the registration will be done, probably they did it already, so i don’t know…
plus i live in italy and that kind of stuff like register music etc is VERY slow…

hope to have some advice from you guys :slight_smile:

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Since you are already a P.R.O. author, YES, you should. All of your tracks, not just this one. :wink:

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thank you !)

yeah i am running!!!
thanks, hope to get some $ from broadcasting…
Good sales everyone


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Hi Bigsound, I would e-mail the customer. Thank them for buying a broadcast license and ask them if the music will go into a TV Show, or a TV spot. If a TV show, kindly ask them to remember to credit you as “writer” and “publisher” on a cue sheet. Register the audio jungle title they licensed at your PRO. If a TV commercial you may have to file an advertising and promo claim form yourself, but only after the commercial is officially released for air. Do not get too excited and do not harass them (I am sure you realize this) as you have plenty of time. To all members of USA PROS:

TV shows = On the production company to help us out with filing cue sheets properly, crediting us properly.
TV spots = Up to us to file advertising and promo claims with our PRO’s to claim the usage of the music on a TV spot or promo. SESAC calls this “add a jingle”. ASCAP and BMI actually have “advertising and Promo” claim forms to fill out and e-mail in.

To all members of all other PRO’s, please teach us how to collect “performance royalties” for TV spots in Europe.
Do GEMA, PRS, BUMA STERMA, and any others require that someone file a claim at these pros? Should the writer file a claim?


Thank you my friend! very good ad
yes i am not going to get excited or harass the buyer of course…i said i’ll be running ti PRO because it’s Italy…LOL they go slow.

I don’t know HOW to get to the buyer!! how can i do it??
you advice is very good, thanks!

To collect royalties in Europe? well it’s your PRO duty, they collect everywhere in the world, just like my PRO (Siae) does…
it’s their job, and i know for ex BMI is VERY good at that!

Do you know how to contact the buyer?

Bigsound- A PRO can not collect any royalties on behalf of anyone unless they actually know a track is being used in a TV show or TV spot. At some point in the communication flow…someone has to inform the PRO a track is airing on either a commercial or TV show. My question is not “who collects royalties ?”. My question is this - In Europe, how do you guys inform your PRO that a track is running on a TV commercial? Who informs the PRO? Maybe Avocado can jump in?

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Good information here thx all

Great advice from @SteelSound, thanks for that! My question is, how do you email the customer? Often it’s very difficult to get meaningful contact information from the invoice.

Well, i had songs published and sold in Italy and abroad or used in radio etc…and The thing is: the Tv or Radio must declare to PRO (Siae in Italy) music and other arts contents. They get the spot indicating who has the copyright for either music and video etc… specifying authors and publishers with forms they use daily. They do it for every content. So PRO then pays the authors.
If your music is licensed for a TV commercial, this will go automatically in that process and you’ll get the money.

i hope this could answer :slight_smile:

I did check invoice to contact the buyer who paid for Broadcast license, but from the invoice i cannot find them…by googling their name…so i don’t know how to reach this people.

Maybe next step for AJ could be find a way to get us in touch with customers?