Help me understand Music Broadcast and Royalties

I just sold a Music Broadcast License (1 Million) for the first time. The track is now registered with my PRO and I’m assuming there is potential to collect royalties if the track is synced and broadcasted. Would anybody help me confirm if this is true? Or maybe if there are any other details I should consider. The buyer is in a different country so how would my PRO find out if it;s broadcasted? I’m pretty new to to this so any help is much appreciated. :slight_smile:

I know this is supposed to be royalty free music but is it still possible to collect any through this platform? Or am I totally not getting the point of Royalty Free? :blush:

If your track is registered with a PRO and it is indeed broadcasted you should indeed collect on royalties. Assuming your buyer fills a cue sheet with your info. PROs work with other PROs from around the globe, so the local PRO should collect and then pass it on to your PRO. This is a long time process though.

If you find out where and when the track is being broadcasted, you could also let your PRO know, and send them fetch.