Question about Tunesat

Hi. I’m new (working since March) and terribly lost… I got the first submission from tunesat.
(Channel - WE, Show - Kathy Ireland). Does that mean my song was on tv/radio. tunesat also shows youtube? Will my PRO (ASCAP) pay me royalties?
Should I do something about it? I am not sure what license this track was purchased, and
I also don’t know if it was on the audiojungle (I’m non-exlusive author). should I write to my PRO?
Thank you for your answer. I am happy to be a member of such a wonderful community :slight_smile:

I think Tunesat does broadcast only, no Youtube content ID.

If your PRO is doing a good job, you don’t need to do anything. The PRO should collect money from the station and pay you.

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This is hard to track. You can only check all your sales invoices and see if you find the client or you can mail the TV station and ask.

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Thanks for the answers. Maybe I should write to ASCAP ?