TuneSat success stories?

Now that PROs are a natural part of AJ, does anyone have any successful experiences with TuneSat? I mean not just finding tracks, but actually getting the information to a PRO and getting paid?

I have a list of matches from TuneSat, but don’t really know the best way to actually convert that into collecting actual royalties…

I also have a TuneSat list, with broadcasts from different countries, and I’ve subtotaled the air times and sent it together with dates, channels and programme information to my PRO. Time will show! They say it can take up to 3 years (!) before any payment is realised.


Alright, and you’re with STIM, correct? Nice to know some PROs accept the TuneSat data. I’ve heard ASCAP don’t accept it normally.

What information did they say they needed exactly? I can’t find any ID numbers, only Channel, Show and Date/Time. Seems like they would need more of an identifier or something?

If no title or name shows up under Usage, does that mean the track was NOT reported?

How do you avoid double reporting? I mean, say a track has been used and it shows up in TuneSat. You send the info to your PRO but so did the network, only that it shows up much later.

Yeah, STIM is usually quite helpful when it comes to member support, although they have a somewhat cumbersome web form system and require you to fill in a lot of manual text fields for every request, separately.

I filled out a “complaint” form for every show on the list, these “complaints” are processed manually and they probably wait a year or two until any network reports for those dates have come in, before checking the data side by side. So, any double reporting would assumably be noticed at that stage.

FYI, here’s a readout from the fields in their complaint form:

Radio or TV abroad
* = Mandatory fields
First name *

Last name *

Personal identification number *

Email *

Subject *



Performing artist (1) *

Title and composer/author (1) *

Title/s - Last name, First name (press enter after each work)
Date of broadcast (1) *

Time of broadcast (1) *

Radio/TV-program (1) *

Radio/TV-channel (1) *

Town (1) *

Country (1) *
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Thanks! Will have to try it out. More matches pop up every day. Maybe not the biggest channels, but some play for 1 minute+ which I guess could mean some decent $$$.

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