Checking if a company has purchased the correct license

Hey, I need a bit of advice about licenses. I have just used tunesat to scan for broadcasts of my tracks. One of the tracks has been aired 21 times on one of the main kids channels in the UK. The same ad has been uploaded to youtube and I used that upload date to search for the Broadcast Licence. I have managed to find a couple of broadcast licence invoices around this date but none them are addressed to the original company.

So my question is, do I just have to contact the company and ask them for proof of purchase or is there an easier way of checking that I am not aware of?


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unfortunately there is no direct and easy way for us to check. All you can do is a bit of digging. You may google your buyers from the invoices, or the product the ad is for, and see what you find.

Also, note that national TV in the UK requires the Broadcast and Film license (the top one), the lower broadcast licenses would not be enough.

Thanks for the info dude!

So if I was to find that they have not purchased the correct license, what would the next step be?

Contact them and remind them that a higher license is required and that currently they are in violation of the terms and they need to fix it by buying the correct license.


Thank you mate!

And before that I would recommend setting at least 3 times higher proces for that track. It is a standard procedure and companies are very eager to buy expensive licence just to avoid law, “jurnalistic” and DMCA problem.

And of course remember that you will get PRO royalties for the broadcast :slight_smile:


Thanks dude, appreciate it!

Thanks again for all the help guys ( @RedOctopus & @PurpleFog ), it did take a bit of digging to track down the company and the correct contact but this issue has now been resolved and they have purchased a Broadcast and Film license.


Wholesome thread :smiley:


Again, congratulations! Sometimes it does work to fight for our rights. :sunglasses:

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This is how we do it :slight_smile:

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So awesome that you resolved this so quickly, along with the help of the community.
Quick question @RockLab, are you uploading your tracks’ edit versions to tunesat as well, or just the original version? I have 3-4 versions for a lot of my tracks, and that would make the premium plan much more expensive.

Hey Alkis! It’s a great community :slight_smile:

I only uploaded the main versions of my tracks to test the service out. It didn’t return any results after the first week so I forgot about it, it was only until about 1 week ago that I seen tunesat mentioned somewhere that I took a look at my account and there was one track being aired 2-3 times a day on national TV. I might now invest in premium for a month and upload all my versions and see if it returns any more results.

You could probably start with the free account and upload all your main versions and wait and see if it returns any results? Also, like @RedOctopus mentioned, get all your tracks registered with your PRO

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