Why you should report wrong license usages

Thanks to Tunesat.com I can see all my broadcast uses of my music. Sadly there are also Broadcasters who
won’'t buy a broadcast license for their TV productions. I always was convinced that there’s nothing much I can do about this but then I decided to contact Envato support to solve such a situation. I send Envato all the Information they needed to reach out for the customer, including an audio snippet of the TV show (again, thanks to tunesat). I was sure Envato could help me out but sadly, the customer ingored the e-mails. Now you could say: Hmm, Mike maybe you’re right, it’s not worth to chase wrong license usages. I say no, I actually want to encourage all of you to do the same! Please report such Broadcasters to Envato support. Be sure to have the customers information and proof like youtube video or audio snippet (tunesat is free for up to 50 tracks btw). If all of us authors would reach out to customers, maybe they will start to be honest and buy the right licenses again. I’m not affiliated in any way with tunesat btw. :wink:

Thanks for reading!



And How do we reach to customers ? In such cases ?