Why envato has rejected my item ??

few minutes ago I got my product rejected on envato market. but they have not mentioned what is the issue. but i can not resubmit the same item also. can some please advice me how i should do it accurately if i am wrong ??

Share your demo link or image if you want feedback - without seeing that it’s impossible to suggest reasons why it’s rejected

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hi buddy how would u like anybody to help u if u do not show us your rejected item? we may provide u with generic observations but honestly i am not sure that will be this very helpful lol


this is a hard reject. please help me guys


i have uploaded an another business card for review. please give me a feed back. if this is not goo i can remove it from the queue before it got rejected.


Design is nice, I really don’t know the reasons why envato team has reject this item. But i think, in your item the position of logo and web address that displays on front side is not well. So you have to move these on the middle of your item.

please give me a feed back about above design also i mean the orange color one

I uploaded my products (module Mailbox Client for Perfex CRM and module Rest API for Perfex CRM). I have followed Envato instructions correctly but still refused (" unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward ") . I do not understand which part is incorrect according to envato requirements.
Please anyone help me to check and give me a suggestion on envato standard quality! Thank you very much!

Demo link: http://demo.webstoreonline.shop/admin
Login: data.greensoft@gmail.com / demogreensoft

hi unlike what @MotionLemon stated , as for me i have a whole lot of reasons to explain why this item was rejected according to me …

here we go …

1- icons
they are too basic , too simple, not really outstanding either

2- shapes and organization
everything is very simple and bringing nothing new to the table … and in such a saturated market u are obviously exposed to rejections …

3- logo
pls try to introduce a decent fake logo, something credible not just a text … (besides the logo makes no sense at all as the emphasized part is your, when name should be emphasized …)

4- emptiness
the logo side is pretty empty … there is a shape, basically the same as the other side and also the logo … in short this is pretty empty and kind of somehow some way redundant with the other side … this emphasizes that the graphic design part is rather flat …

5- dispostion and alignments
out of the positioning and the alignment of elements in a general way u create sort of a lack of balance … in the information side this is quite full on the left and on the right there is nothing at all, for instance, and same goes with the logo side , not to mention that the logo is not properly aligned in the right part , i mean according to the back shape …

6- hierarchy
quite frankly there is not much information that is outstanding and noticed easily indeed …

7- choice of colors
this is not bad but to say the least , everything is quite classical this side …