how to successful on envato?

I Create a design, it was rejected and I got this message
Thank you for your submission. We have completed our review of “Mexican Restaurant Menu” and unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again.

We appreciate the effort and time you’ve put into creating your item. And we’d be happy to help make sure your next entry will meet our submission requirements.
I do not know what is meant by the quality level. I want to know what is wrong with the design.
Any Help ?


hi pls post the preview of the rejected item and we will help u as much as possible … the message u have received is nothing but a standard rejection message

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You’d need to share a full size image not the thumbnail

Ok Charlie4282Uploading: Front Menu Red.jpg…

With respect this is way off.

There are issues with design fundamentals including typography, spacing, alignment, consistency etc.

The food images don’t do it any favours and look quite low quality

The design generally eg colour choices etc all feels a bit outdated

This is a super competitive category so anything short of pixel perfect and modern is going to struggle

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«Quality level» is about your design. To be honest, your menu is tooooo far from design.
You made mistakes in all areas:

  • the color scheme is not harmonious.
  • fonts are bad
  • typography is broken (elements are not aligned on a strict grid). line spacing greater than the distance from the entire text block to the border of the adjacent element
  • many image elements and fonts are distorted / flattened / extended
  • image quality is poor
  • images and text are duplicated multiple times

Just compare your item with the popular items on the GraphicRiver, and you’ll understand what I’m talking about.
Good luck! :wink:

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Bro, the same mistakes. The same

Copy and paste text and (poor quality) images is lazy and unfinished

Plus still issues with typography, hierarchy, spacing, colours etc @romlam suggested

i got rejected because my thumbnail was not clear (blurred)

That wouldn’t have helped but I can almost guarantee that this was not the only problem

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hi indeed, well there is an impact from everything , and thumbnails may help if this is good enough and may hurt a bit if this is not but , as for i know, i do not think that your item can be rejected for this … LOL

the fact of the matter is that i am sorry to say just this but there all kinds of mistakes here …

1- colors
sorry , man , but u should put a mention to ask people to put their glasses on to see your work as they will hurt badly lol sorry i just kidding but no offense ok … i just try o make u understand in a funny way that the colors are very aggressive for eyes … u have to think about complementary colors and shades of the same colors to build something harmonious visually speaking in terms of colors …

2- fake logo
well sorry to tell u this but u have to invest some time in an attempt to create a logo that looks credible and that will take your item’s preview to the next level rather than helping to ruin your preview …

3- contrast
this is somehow some way related to point 1 …
some of you texts are barely readable to say the least and are clearly not popping out … this is thus very difficult to get into deeper details, which is much of a problem or a menu … as people plan to get to know what they are about to select or eat

4- global style
at this stage this is too repetitive a structure that u have here and this is making your item completely lose commercial potential as basically even if someone managed to like this job , they could redo it very easily and in a short while so that they would rather redo and save time rathe than buy it and save time …
u need to push the envelope graphic design wise, this is too simple right now … have a look at the works of some successful professionals creatine menus such as @Novocaina, @seasonOFTHEflowers or @BigWeek

5- identification
what u do should transpire what this is made for … a mexican restaurant menu should transpire mexico and mexican food … with what u have , we have no identity at the first glance …

6- typo
this is too basic , not original enough, lacking font combinations and variations , something that will add relief to your work and typo as well as build a hierarchy of information too …

7- hierarchy of information
here and now u have nothing really popping out or being outstanding … when this should be the other way around … but i guess that playing with all the things that i said before would change it all …

8- color system
with what u have now i guess that u did not select cmyk colors and that is a problem for a “print template” like a menu … as i am as certain that these colors , will differ much while shifting to cmyk colors … (yeah i know that u have to redo anyway …but this is for u to identify that u have to start working with the good settings right from the beginning …

9- trim line …
not sure i am right or not but the document seems not organized properly , unless u cut the item following trim lines before displaying it here … as u may know u have margins to give in case once the item is printed ,u have the final format … so this basically means that spaces on the left and on the right before the cut should be slightly bigger …


[Uploading: Corporate-1.jpg…]
This my corporate creative design Ai file. CMYK color mode print ready,
but why my design rejected?

You have not shared the image correctly - try uploading it again

Please check this link, here is file preparation tutorials available

Bro, this doesn’t look like help on a particular rejected item. You just CtrlC-&-CtrlV this link into 9 similar threads. This is more like SPAM with channel self-promotion :face_with_monocle:

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your thing is cool , though @romlam said it all …

hi pls post the complete link so that we can help u , besides i suggest that u create a new thread , this is better …