Celebrating my First Sale!

Hello, Yesterday, My one Item got Approved! and today it got sold too. :slight_smile: :smiley:


Hi bro.
can u help me?
what should i do manager approve my business card?
manager rejected 4 times my business card

Can you upload “Preview” Image here, so we can discuss… (however, I can’t tell you very properly what Envato needs) just suggestions. Do hard work is the only thing.

Congrats mate!
That’s a good start!)


Hi bro
This is a preview image: “photography business card”

What is the problem?
plz help me?

Only unique designs are Approved by Envato. This looks pretty plane. If buyer don’t want to place Photo lines? then it’ll total black… get reference from Envato Marketplace. It’s good start. You’ll learn but you should try hard.

i’m happy for you :slight_smile:

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Thanks for ur reply.
Can you send me preview your item that Envato approved?
before approve you item does envato reject your item?if yes, how many?
can you send me you Email.
bro what about your opinion this business card?

I learned here many things. Let me tell you my story. I joined a few weeks ago. First I was so happy but after my 4-5th rejection I got angry on Envato. and give them example that some logos are not well suited and they are on Envato site(Actually, They are awesome! :slight_smile: ) after that Some great veteran moderators and technical team give some examples about Elite Authors how they grow here from Scratch… told me trending things… etc. and now I can imagine and make logo that is suitable for This site. ( though I still have to learn a lot). Now my 25 other Well design logos are waiting for review( at least 10 of 25 would be here) At last…Don’t loose your hopes just try HARD is the only thing you can do. And remember I did this mistake. You shouldn’t repeat it because they are (moderators, staff, etc.) here from very long time. and know each and everything… They can ban us without any NOTICE! So don’t even try to tag any item for comparison and get angry. Respect everyone. And try hard, find on Internet get some Ideas how Approved Items are designed what you should have to learn from them. take your time,

and yeah, send it for review if you got hard reject. make new design send it again. If it has commercial value, clean, and unique then after some time your first item will approve! :slight_smile:

Have 1 example for you … go to Graphicriver site > search Business card > In 1st row look for pink card look how well he designed … It got approved on 3rd April I think. and got sold for 6 times till now. :slight_smile:

Best of luck.

Thank You man

Thank you so much my dear friend.
Good luck in all your life.:sunglasses:

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BTW, I would like to see your Very first item Approved. :smiley:

Hi again!!
Sorry take your time again.
Can i use free assets in my document? i use asset from www.flaticon.com
i don’t include asset in my document and EPS file when i upload my business card.should i include?

using free assets are ok if Artist give them free for personal and commercial use. but some free Items needs Attribution required. …
I’m not sure but you should remove the link to the site… mentioning other sites are not allowed. :slight_smile:

you can say “I used some assets from another site” etc.

If I’m understanding your problem correctly, you should not include assets separately. your ZIP File contain properly layered, unhidden, unique, and clean designs. with all ASESSTS included in that file.

Example : “Business card-AI-CC”, “Business card-AI-CS6” with help file (Text or PDF)

for better understandings here is the link : https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/202821070-Business-Card-Templates

and for Assets : https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/203269510-What-Assets-Can-I-Use-In-My-Items-

Here is the last my business card that manger rejected.
can you see that where is the problem?
is that Ok layerd, groups, font, font size, layout?

Envato approved this before.

in your opinion is not it basic design? it is so simple.:neutral_face:
Why approved it?

Before u tole me “Some great veteran moderators and technical team give some examples about Elite Authors how they grow here from Scratch and you told trending thing”.
can you told me those?

Don’t upload others Item here. maybe (pretty sure) it is few years ago… and for you files there are all wrong…

Let me explain :

  • Delete all guidelines
  • Don’t hide any layer
  • There’s no need to explain is “Where is your bleed Area
  • Where is you fonts links? you should include help file with font links…
  • At last but not waste! >>> you can buy recently approved Item so you will know how Artist arrange there Items.

    Envato Team/Moderators/Technical staff gave me some tips for Logo Design…

    Here’s what one of the nice technical support person said to me :slight_smile:
    Building great items can take a lot of care and a lot of work. Getting just one item over the line can seem hard. I can assure you though, the review team’s main objective is to get more high quality items onto the marketplace. As our marketplaces gets more and more competitive, as does the entire industry - we also have to ensure that we only accept items of a high level of quality and items that we are after.
    That said, I do genuinely hear you and understand your disappointment and frustration; the rejection and feedback process can seem time consuming and disheartening.
    Firstly, to manage expectations, here is what I can’t do:
    Feedback - whilst I appreciate you may have been expecting some kind of feedback and critique on your items, if an item is Hard Rejected then our reviewers cannot afford the resource in spending time with detailed feedback. I can imagine that this sounds brutal, but due to the backlog and submission queue size at the moment, the Review team can only provide specific feedback if they feel that the item needs minor adjustments to be acceptable (e.g. a soft rejected item).
    So you will only receive a short message that is the same for all hard rejected items. We wish we could afford the resource to provide critique but its just not a realistic or sustainable option for us. Its tough to hear but I wanted to be very transparent with you on the reasons why.

    Well, I hope that you will not be discouraged, many of the successful authors on our marketplace have and still are subject to rejections.