Why this item got hard reject in envato. Please help me!

Why this item got hard reject in envato.
Please help me!

This is my 3rd business card rejection and it is very

demotivating. Any suggestions?

hi I am sorry to tell you something like this, but I will tell u because u have to identify just this - pls understand that I am not trying to hurt your feelings or whatever in any way, this is really not my intention as my only intention is to help u - and it will help you in the longer run, especially when it comes to understanding how much more effort u have to put in what u do, if u ever want to have a product making it for sale here. Actually , there are more and more good or great designs by the way - from experienced designers with a lot of sales and sometimes a five star rating from buyers, everything … - to be rejected here , things that took time to be created and bring some originality to the table, and so on, things which turn out to be premium quality but are rejected, so that u cannot expect to have a very simple card like this approved, for sure. AT this stage u are unfortunately miles away from standards of this marketplace where having anything accepted becomes more and more difficult everyday … Let’s face it , it takes about 5 minutes for a person with good photoshop knowledge to redo this item, not over, not to mention that almost all is wrong with this card, I will let u know more about this below. PLease keep it as a constructive comment meant to help u realize how much more u have to dedicate time and effort before uploading here

To begin with, a question comes to my mind , as regard to what u have at this stage, would u personally spend money to buy this item? As for me , if u are answering letting alone the fact that u are the creator and emotionally involved, u will legitimately answer “no”. To get into deeper details, I will try to emphasize the different mistakes that u have in this card

1- global style
this is super simple, definitely too much , if u are considering what u are delivering in the main download file, all u will have left is a few icons, a few plain color shapes and lines of texts … I guess u will manage to understand that this is rather light to say the least and this is far from pushing a person to pay for such an item, besides, there is , without the shadow of a doubt, an impact on the commercial potential of the item …
2- commercial potential
look, there are ressources that u can find online and download for free in the internet, so what would motivate anyone to come to buy this item here or come here and select any author’s work instead of yours, in the first place? Following the same logics, why would a reviewer accept a product that they identify as having close or really no potential at all? (this is partly what the reviewing is all about, to make sure to maintain a supposed good enough quality catalogue of items offered in the marketplace) . Indeed, for a buyer to buy, they have to find one of these two conditions, at the very least, either u offer something that customers will identify as helping them to save time so that they prefer buying rather than doing on their own, or, this is option 2, they will be looking for something going beyond their personal design skills. In both cases, this not what u have at the moment
3- alignment
u cannot have things aligned differently from one side to the other , this result in a very disharmonious thing visually speaking and a lack of coherence , too. Pls let me remind u off the fact that messing with this alignment issue is not a good idea as this is one of the basic design principles, in other words, sort of a “fatal error” so to speak …
4- spacing
once again this is a basic design principle and this is something not to take lightly to say the very least. The problem is that if u mess with it, just like what happens here, the item looks instantly not professional enough … when professional product overall, this is exactly what u are expected to deliver in the end. People may “forgive u” for not bringing a high level of creativity in such a corporate item, but u are expected to give something super well arranged - flawless I might add - all the way for such categories and the bottom line is that any issue with basic design principles are very much a bad ideated will normally ensure u a rejection …
5- contrast
u have also introduced another basic design principle related issue by choosing colors not necessarily offering good contrast enough all the way ,which is bringing additional troubles to the table in a snowball effect , in terms of exposure and hierarchy , among other things , see the next points … anyways, to further comment about this, there is a perfect illustration of what I mean here with the icons on the black and green card , icons are put in white color on a clear green color, which amounts to saying that the icons are here but close to being invisible however … . What is the point to have it if the thing cannot be seen in the end or does not spring out?
6- hierarchy
for a well balanced hierarchy u should have clearly a primary and at least a secondary level being distinguishable at first sight, here u have nothing springing out much , which is also more or less related to the font that u used but not exclusively
7- typo
this is rather old looking and this is thin, in other words, this does not help to value things indeed, apart from not having anything original , too. U’d better understand that typo is much of an issue here , no matter what u create , but, of course, in particular when this is about corporate products , insofar as a good typo , this is part of the things that are meant to provide people with and this will be what contributing to giving sort of a fresh look , making the item differ somewhat (somehow, some way) from all the exiting ones
8- colors
nothing new here , the usual color combinations that u see everywhere else, from all authors indeed, I assume that if people would like u to bring something fresh this is about this. Not to mention that activities have color codes, as well as intentions and referring to it could be a good idea, or at least , it wouldn’t hurt. U may also pay attention about color combinations and try to give some with complementary colors, which are a safe choice
9- preview file
well , many people fail to realize about this and do not feel like investing much time about it , which is a mistake, as this is sort of an interface between you and your work in one side and , on the other one, the reviewer and the potential buyer, in case the item makes it for sale. Your duty is to try to impress people with the preview file, to sort of create a “wow effect” as well as highlighting the work that u have done. Right now, nothing like this is taking place and part of the reason for that is that your preview file is very crammed, this is lacking breathing between the header, the screenshots and the footer, combined with a lack of a sufficient spacing between text elements in the header and footer, which does not enable to underline the technical points associated with the file and introduces a “choking effect” that decreases the impact of the presentation of your work in the mockups … BY the way, here u have a problem with the font combination, which does not look good, the pairing is not working, this is not aesthetic and this is disconnected from the style of the card , in addition …

hope that it will help you, if u pay attention to all this, no doubt that you will be able to take your game to the next level … pls also keep in mind that u need to invest time and finding some originalities and arranging things properly so that u have a chance that the product is accepted ultimately …


The quality is not suitable for envato market

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