Why did my all 4 logo design rejected? Help me

I am new on GraphicRiver and submitted four logo design so far but all got reject. Review team suggested to visit forum. Can you help me to find out reason of hard rejection so that I can improve my design. Here is my all four design![Thumnail|80x80]1 2 3 4

There are quite a few immediate problems.

  • Poor font choices.
  • Misspelling of “Tagline” multiple times.
  • Some shapes don’t align with other shapes, such as the fork in the Green Food one.

The overall execution of these looks amateurish, and the designs themselves are drawn kinda strangely.

This is the best of the bunch, but there are still issues. The G and F look disconnected like the shapes don’t line up with each other. The concept is also very restricting.

The DRONA one looks like some sort of alien, but also a bit like ovaries.

The fork and spoon in Green Food barely resemble a fork and spoon, and the composition looks off. There are multiple mistakes there as well, such as the leaves looking slightly transparent so you can see a bit of the shapes behind them. There’s also a small triangle cutting into the side of the fork.

The S in SOFTWARE just looks like it was quickly drawn with the pen tool and not much else.


Sorry…but is a bad “design”. Poor illustrative part. No balance between icon and font. and many more…

As said @XioxGraphix

The overall execution of these looks amateurish, and the designs themselves are drawn kinda strangely.


Thanks for feedback. I need to change my glass as I committed silly mistakes and couldn’t see it later.

hi u cannot expect making it for sale here if u have execution mistakes in every single logo that u have posted here … either shapes are uneven, or they are misplaced or not aligned properly and everytime there is a very negative impact visually , which takes a toll on the professionalism feeling that should have been coming out of teh item … most of the time fonts are not paired properly - when theer are some , font pairings simply do not work - and the typo in a general way is too plain, too flat and clearly not worked out enough … here expectations are high and much effort is demanding about it, not to mention that what is expected is that there is a real harmony between typo / text and illustration, what u fail to manage to do … in almost all cases, concepts are pretty flat or weak , too , pls keep in mind that thousands of logos have already been approvedin the past and that u are asked to bring something new to the table in addition of bringing something really professional too … some logos are also not valued due to the rather bad choice of colors globally … some of them are not contrasting enough form teh background so that the logo looks a bit lost on the canvas, so to speak and definitely generates no “wow effect”