Why Authors Selling their hard work for just $1(+$4 buyer fee excluded)?

I noticed nowadays many theme-forest authors selling their hard work for just $5. And surprisingly it’s including $4 buyer fee, Means they selling it for $1 - And they gets only 0.625USD around for each sale means nothing…
Envato have no problem with this price because they get $4+ Buyer fee and over 40% of remains price.

All we are here for makes money. Especially the Authors who totally depends on this theme business…

How would they surviving with cheap price?

May be they’re doing side business, Freelancing or doing a job in a company and creating themes for cover their extra little expanses or they are just happy to see sales numbers increases without money…

Envato should set a minimum price for each category.

What do you think?

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It’s their policy and I don’t think they will change it. It’s author decision to keep the item price as low as they want so no need to blame Envato.

This funny price just destroys the market for others!

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It’s nothing new. Been years…

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Yes I knew It’s their policy, I just posted my opinion.
Am not blaming Envato,

Setting a minimum price is the only solution.