Help Needed. Author Rate Schedule

Hello Everyone,

I crossed my first level of sale on themeforest. My total sale is above $3,750.

As per themeforest rules buyer fee reduced after $3,750 sales.

But i can’t see any difference on sales rate.

Can anybody please guide or help to know about this.

Your comment is appropriated.

Thank You

Are you looking in the right place? You need to be looking at the author fee line on your statement… the author fee reduces rather than the sales amount increasing.

Not sure where you got that link from, but it’s five years old! here’s the current one…


Thank you very much.

I mean that. i crossed item sales of $3,750. but i can’t see any reduce in fees

If i m not miss understood. if author fee reduces then i can see little bit sales fees raise on item sale.

for 0 sale author fee : 37.50%
after $3,750 sale author fee : 36.25%

My items sale is now 3,850% but i can’t see any difference in rate on item sale.

Thank you.

Well when you sell one of your $55 themes, you were getting $26.87, and now you should be getting $27.41

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Thank you very much :slight_smile: