Why envato is taking all the support money of the buyer as fees from the theme seller? Can anyone explain please

We are new in ThemeForest, can anyone please explain
“why Envato is taking this fee from support purchase?? they are taking all the money for support what does this mean when a buyer purchase support?”

Being a new author we are getting very low from our items per sale in this competitive market, is there any solution to get more from per sale?

  • On the statements, the item price is splitted into the licence price and included support price.
  • You pay the author fee on base of your item price (list price - buyer fee)

item price = $6.00
author fee rate = 37.5%

6.00 * 0.375 = 2.25 (author fee)
3.75 * 0.375 = 1.41
2.25 * 0.375 = 0.84
1.41 + 0.84 = 2.25 (author fee)

In your case the customer bought your item which includes six month item support by you. The customer can also buy extended support but that’s not the case here.

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Thank You for your answer.

But answer is not clear, image

Here i can see the total price buyer paid for (6 months support) = 6.38$
Where 2 different Author Fees particular for that item which Envato already took the money from the buyer but deducted from me = 2.39$+3.98$ = 6.38$ (i am not getting this amount)

If i am not getting the support money buyer paid, why should they charge the buyer for the support? it should be free from the theme seller right?

Is there something i am missing or does it works this way for all the seller on themeforest?

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You sold a Wordpress theme for $29.00
Wordpress category has a fixed byer fee of $12.00 for a regular licence
§29.00 - $12.00 = $17.00 gross income

On base of your gross income you have to pay the author fee.
On themeforest this gross income (or item price) is splitted into licence price and support price
$10.62 licence
$6.38 support
$10.62 + $6.38 = $17.00

$10.62 * 0.375 = $3.98
$6.38 * 0.375 = $2.39
$3.98 + $2.39 = $6.37 author fee

$17.00 * 0.375 = $6.37 author fee

Thank You for the explanation :slight_smile: