Anyone can explain this pricing breakdown?

I’m just wondering what does all this sales breakdown mean! Can anybody explain?

It seems buyer purchase additional 6m support and we still didn’t get any penny from it. I might be wrong.

The majority of Themeforest items now include six months of support. Although the price of the item is the same, the total price is now made up of an amount for the item, and an amount for support. That’s why the sales are showing up on two separate lines. In your example, the buyer hasn’t bought an additional 6 months of support, he’s just bought the standard 6 months that is automatically included with the item.

If you add up the $17.70 you got for included support, and the $29.50 for the theme, that comes to $47.20 which is the item price. The item price is the list price (the amount the buyer pays), minus a 20% buyers fee. So for the amounts to be correct, your item should be for sale at $59.

The two additional lines are just showing you the author fees that have been deducted from the item prices, which gives you the final amount you get in your account (ignoring any taxes). So that’s $47.20, minus the $11.06 and the $6.64 to give you $29.50. That’s 50% of the total price, which is what you should be getting at this stage. Once you’ve sold $3,750 of stuff, that will go up to 51%. $7,500 then it’s 52%, and so on and so forth.