I am having doubt regarding support charges

Hi everyone ,
I am having doubt regarding support charges, whether we will charged $11.25 for every sales for next 6 months or only $11.25 for the next 6 months.

Can you rephrase the question… it kind of sounds like you’re asking from a buyer and a seller’s perspective at the same time? However, this might help:

If you’re a buyer then you pay $X for every purchase, every six months, if you want to carry on with your support subscription. So if you have five Wordpress items then you need five support subscriptions. Support is optional though, so if you don’t need support for four out of those five themes, you only need to renew your subscription for one of them.

If you’re a seller and you’re talking about the author/buyer fee charges, then yes… you’ll get charged that every time you make a sale. But you’ll also be credited with the amount of money that’s left after the fees have been subtracted… so whatever the fees, you’ll always get more money from somebody renewing their support subscription than if they hadn’t.


@SpaceStockFootage thank you sir