Can you explain this to me?

I buy a template, and I find it now includes a “buyer fee”.

On top of that, I have to pay $20 if my order doesn’t reach a certain monetary level.

Can someone explain to me what this buyers fee is? Who collects it? I admit I have not paid attention to it, but based on the recent changes to the way things are paid for, I am a little more sensitive to these ‘hidden’ costs that are figured into the projects I buy… and then see that the project actually costs less, and there is a separate line item for the buyer costs.

Sign me,

– Dismayed


This is a helpful article about buyer fee

Fixed Buyer Fees for ThemeForest

Fixed Buyer Fees for Author-Driven Pricing Categories on Envato Market


Open a Envato help ticket for an official reply about buyer fee

They would like to assist you.


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