Themes for 19$. Are you serious?

Does envato really have an idea how much does it hurt other author sales and even the author himself to put a theme that is worth over 60$ for 19$?

That is really bad business. That is not competition. That is just a sure way to push authors away.

Envato have NO say over prices, authors set their own prices… because of the new system Envato chose (author pricing) they can’t tell you what pricing authors have to sell at.

The minimum price is $13 as Envato take $12 plus 12.5% for each WP theme sale.

Over time authors will realise selling for less than $40 is silly and hike their prices up, until then get used to authors trying to lower their prices to generate more sales to get on the popular list

If you sell for $13, you may 45c per sale, you will need a lot of sales to make it worth it at that price.

At some point it have effected the sales. Author driven prices was not a good idea at all. for example if there are two items and both worth’s is $59, one author puts a discount offer of 50% so his item price becomes half of it and other author keeps the price same. Both themes are unique and offer almost same features and options. So the buyer will tend to go towards the cheaper one. So it is a loss for the other author because it hurts to lower the prices just to grab more sales to get on the popular list. It hurts to lower the price of the item which worth’s more.

Before Envato introduced the Author driven prices, the prices of items were set according to the features and options included in the item, so in this way every author would earn for what they were offering in their items.

I know that it is the new system of envato for authors to set their own prices. But that is really bad business.

The problem is that not only you undervalue your work but you set impossible standards. Buyers get used to these prices and sales will only suffer as result of it.

Exactly, few months later buyers will look for the cheaper themes. But then their comes the support from the authors. I’ve seen that many authors who lower the Prices of their items they do not provide any kind of support for that item. So their will be some non coders buyers who will buy themes for $59 but still it is bad for business.