When will envato take steps against such activity?

How can someone offer a Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme just for 13$?

Why is ThemeForest allowing such activity? I have a feeling high-quality author’s product will face low sell or no sell at all, I am very much hopeless with such pricing of the WordPress category in ThemeForest. We lost HTML category to high competition and low price racing to the bottom and almost no sell.

Question to ThemeForest, can’t just set a minimum price for CMS themes? Now people are misusing the pricing system and setting the price lower than a PSD template. I am not sharing the theme but i have screenshot.

That’s the side effect of author driven pricing… they can set the price at whatever they want. Although I’m pretty sure they’re not going to keep it at $13 after a while of providing a sale and support for 70 cents or less. As for a minimum, there is one already… the minimum is $13.

Yes I know author driven pricing but there should be a limit, and they are keeping their price at 13$ after its release, maybe they increased for 1-2 days then again at 13$ but it is affecting other quality products sales, I have been following that item for a while and their sales are sky rocketing, seriously who will buy a theme with 55$ if he gets it at 13$, I see dark future ahead and no place for new or quality products. Good for popular items author rest of us is just surviving NOT living.

I have seen many posts regarding pricing in this forum but who will listen??? Day by day losing my motivation.

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Everyone is listening, but unfortunately that doesn’t mean something will be done about it. Envato will have considered all eventualities before implementing ADP, so it’s unlikely such instances were unexpected.

Disable option on editing price at any moment you want, and there will be normal prices again. Allow editing prices only once or twice a year (and most of authors will keep this for holidays).

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Then authors will bombard the support team with price change requests, which will increase the already-unbearable 1 week response time.

Then support should not respond to this kind of requests

3 Years of talking and suggestion by most authors but no Ears

April 2016 [Muse-Master] - Yes Make Min and max item price, we dont want themeforest to be like gr

[SpaceStockFootage] - Talk a lot

[DrunkPixelThemes] - Provide a V.Good suggestion to allow editing prices available 2/3 times in the year, Like username changing

Hope and Waiting Envato team to make serious steps in the new year…

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