WordPress themes start from $13, Whats going on?

Hi, community please check the link : https://goo.gl/VmTkuy

What happened to those authors.

Buyer fee $12 & they are selling $13, just getting less then $1 only. Very poor things happening on marketplaces.

I think due to low sales they reduced the price.

Themes has been created more than 4 year (some of them 6 years old) but there supposed to be some minimum limit for the WordPress themes

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Its a marketing. They are trying to increase the sales count and getting traffic to their other items as well.

Very poor marketing policy :blush:

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Wow I can’t imagine how they give support with only 1$ for their profit :stuck_out_tongue:

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Please don’t allow such behavior. There MUST BE a threshold. This is DEVALUATION. Devaluation is not good. We need Thresholds


Envato can’t set threshholds as they are giving you the author the choice to sell at whatever price you want, it’s like eBay telling you, you can only sell your Gucci jacket for more than $2k, but it’s 4 years old, it has holes and is a littlw worn.

There will always be bottom of the barrel feeders (most of the themes at $13 are from the same author) and even if Envato could set the price at $30 minimum, certain sellers will automatically go to that price.

Don’t worry about it, just part and parcel of having a world wide marketplace, some will buy on price, some will buy on quality.


There’s a $13 minimum threshold.

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lets see what they are going to do when people will ask for support then refund :))))


It should be at least at $25…

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Right. It should be at least at $25 or $30 for WP theme.

Tricky Marketing Tricks

They are trying to attract buyers attention…

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Also there is no maximum threshold!!!

Why not $24. Or $32?

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Could Envato public some analytics after the update?

it does not make any sense to have a maximum threshold …

So how about I price an item $1,000,000 and above… and envato auto approves that. is that still make sense.

Minimum threshold is much more critical than the max threshold (and I don’t mean that “max threshold” is not important). Vital point is “devaluation” here, not “revaluation” - A WordPress theme cannot (shouldn’t) be sold at $13.

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