Why are the review procedure steps going nonsense?


I have been curious about the answer to this question for a long time. I didn’t mind because I didn’t release too many items. But now I realized that I find it a bit silly and I have to ask to community by opening a topic. I wonder is this really should be or does it sound ridiculous to me? Because I’m trying 10-15 days to release an item.

The problem is this: I am uploading a new codecanyon item to release and sometimes there are shortcomings/errors I missed. After the envato working hours started and my item’s review order came, the employee is reviewing and rejected item to make change by saying that he found a problem. (Soft rejected) Okay, I made the change and sent it again for review. When I check it the next day, what I see is that it is rejected again. And this time it’s a different reason. Well, maybe the employee overlooked it because he was a human being. Let’s solve the problem and upload it for approval again. When you wake up the next day, you will see a different reason for rejection…

So why is this process like this? I live in Turkey and Envato working time very opposite with Turkey times. When I send it to the employee, the employees are asleep, they work while I sleep. Wouldn’t it be easier for both the author and the employees to tell all the errors and problems found in one go by reviewing the entire system in detail? Thus, the employee does not have to re-install it dozens of times to test the system. In addition, instead of losing time by solving a single problem for 10-15 days, I can quickly release it in 1 day by solving all the problems.

The problem doesn’t just end with one rejection at a time. I make the necessary update and send it again in 1-2 hours. However, after 1-2 hours have passed, the review doesn’t complete again to the next day. (Very very rarely, it is reviewed 2 times a day) This means that the working hours of the employeers are too short or an incredible intensity. But this way goes to the same result, get things done in one go and reduce the intensity!

The last time I could not really stand, I threw the coffee mug in my hand against the wall and wrote this. (Of course it’s not rude, we can’t take the risk of banning lol) https://prnt.sc/sk2ku8

Anyway, who knows, there are different company policies that we may never know as a publisher. As I upload a new item as usual, I will pray not to come across that person, but it will always be so. Also, i think miss “Ivor”, he knew his job well.

What do the moderators and authors think about this? Isthere anyone else encountering this?



Unfortunately, I experienced such with my items too recently. And it seems to have started this 2020.
The new reviewers seems to enjoy putting unnecessary frustration before a project is approved.
My most recent item was soft rejected about 8 times before it was approved. One of the soft reject reason was because I set: date_default_timezone_set(‘Africa/Lagos’); in my code which was added to help track and fix error logs according to the timezone. Reviewer asked me to remove for no reason.
Its not like its obsolete or vulnerable, among other paltry reasons.

You are also right on the Ivor part, he has reviewed my items in the past and he does a fantastic job of doing a decent review. I hope the new reviewers improve, especially L********s.


You are completely right. There are some reasons for rejection that I really cannot make sense of. I did not mention its name, but since you gave a hint, I can write his full name. Yes he is **********. In response to the example you shared with me, I would like to share another rejection example with you.

He said that for the last rejection I experienced while uploading for Wordpress, esc_html should be used in all html texts. https://prnt.sc/slcgzc However, in order to use this function, it is necessary to take text with variable or to translate it. There is no point in using this for direct texts written without using any variables. Anyway, after doing a research and finding his private social profiles, I didn’t care much. Because he writes all over the biography that he was a professional black hat hacker. A good way to declare it. lol I’m sure there is something his know.

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Its frustrating honestly, you can take weeks, months to develop something and a reviewer having a bad day might just sink it down the drain.
For example, I really feel for this person: Want suggestions on why my item is hard rejected twice.

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I also know the reviewer you guys are pointing out. In my opinion, he’s doing a good job. Our script took about 10 days to get approved because of multiple soft rejections. Most of these are about rules and small errors because he’s actually testing out the system and after getting our item approved, it really felt awesome knowing that you’ve passed a really hard review process :joy:

Reviewers like L********S keeps the market clean of trash scripts.

Nobody claimed otherwise. It is necessary to deserve the “Quality checked by Envato” text that appears on the item page. The problem here is that every rejection is done one by one and so weeks have passed. There are also really unnecessary steps.