Themeforest reviewers repeated peculiar responses

Hello everybody,
As we had previously discussed with Envato-Support-Team the process of reviewing new items and how long-delayes and repeated “peculiar” reviewers’ responses may damage both the workflow and operations for companies like ours.

The bottomline, we’re facing a couple of problems here because of reviewers’ arbitrary and unobjective decisions which got our new item, “BO” , rejected for 3 times and kept from being added to the marketplace for a very long time. We just keep getting almost the same reasons of rejection despite our item has been revised by our team a number of times, and we’re confident that our item does NOT produce any errors.

We need to understand the reasons behind the long delayes and unjust rejections. We’d be delighted to discuss this with Envato-Support-Team in order to move forward.

Thank you!

Template looks solid. Is this hard rejected? What is the message they’re giving you?

at first time has soft rejected just look to this:

but when we validate files and we dont have any error and reviewer again told us this:

what you think?

I am having a very hard time understanding what you’re saying in your messages to the reviewer. I would guess that maybe English is not your first language, which is understandable in an awesome global marketplace like Envato. However, it does sometimes maybe create a language barrier between you and the reviewer. The last message is especially hard to understand. I am not being judgmental because it’s amazing to speak more than one language but there a few sentences that are hard to interpret.

Also once thing I’ve noticed for “Soft Rejected” items is that if I don’t rename the zip files before I resubmit them then the problems might sometimes persist in the new file. Also make sure to hit the “save” button in the edit section once you’ve uploaded the new files, then go through the resubmission form.

That’s a good point.

Don’t know about validation because only on my mobile but in numerous of your demos you have mobile issues with images and portfolio items

We apologize, yes English isn’t our first language. We also have a number of team members tracking and working on the issue, and not all of us are very skilled in English unfortunately. We’ll try our best however to clarify the issue and foster the discussion.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention, we will begin immediately implementing fixes for any visual bugs.

We have resubmitted our item, while considering the points you’ve brought to attention. We hope this time we get some positive results.

Thanks so much for your concern, have a good one.

our item “Bo” has been approved:

I would reject this theme because it’s a 80% copy of Unicon. I do understand that you can inspire yourself from other people’s work but this is not just inspired, it is copy/pasted. I think you should expect some Dmca.

Thank you for your valuable feedback, i think and i truly believe BO is more than to be unique from any theme for the following reasons:

1- BO PSD has been published on the market on 19 April 15 and unicon is on the market 19 May 15, I started on it two months before publishing, that’s mean BO is older than unicon

2- If It’s a copy/past so why the reviewers didn’t rejected it if you know how is difficult to deliver a design is not unique to the reviewing cycle, rather than copy/past work!

3- If you know about the design new trend you will see that all the modern designs has the same border of creativity and UI design elements that is now is the best UI for the UX era !

i appreciate your opinion so much but i don’t think that was even close to be or to consider as an inspiration design ( talking about Bo and Unicon )

Thank you very much …

I didn’t say it is bad, it actually looks pretty god, but it is so similar that is hard not to notice it.

PS: your psd is really different from your html version, so the release date is not relevant.