Soft-Hard rejection paradox.

@BenLeong . Hello people. I recently received a soft rejection of an item due to the wrong positioning of the CID code in the description item box. I will call it ‘item A’. I checked the item in the “hidden” tab and everything looked ok to me. The CID code was on top of the description as II was instructed by the reviewer. I have also received the instruction :

" Please note, both the zip and the preview are fine, so please do not attach them again when you resubmit."

Regardless, I revised the whole description again, made the required changes, and resubmitted the item. Two days after, I received a hard rejection of another submitted item, I will call it ‘Item B’, with the typical description

" Thank you for your submission. We have completed our review of “Item B” and unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again."

Still, the reviewer team feedback comment was :

" This is a resubmission of a previously soft rejected submission. Resubmitting the track as an entirely new item is not considered acceptable use of the Envato markets and repeated attempts may result in a temporary or permanent suspension of authorship."

So, in order to make things a bit clearer. I received a soft rejection of an item which was previously fine by the reviewer team ( Item A), then two days after another item was hard rejected of another item ( Item B) by insufficient quality standard, but the description was for the (Item A).
In conclusion: Either I have uploaded the same item ( Item A) by mistake, but in this case, I should receive a soft rejection, (it happened before), and a heads up. Or it was a reviewing system error. I know is convoluted and a head-scratching matter, but I am open to any ideas. I already escalated a ticket to the help desk and waiting for their answer.

Hi @Soundtrickz. That does sound strange!

Thanks for opening a support ticket already - I don’t have any visibility over item review, but I’ll check in with the support team to see what’s happened.

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Hello, @BenLeong and thank you for your time. My support ticket number is 2572076.
Kind regards.

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A month ago. I got a soft rejection, due to an incorrect item description. I corrected the description and resubmitted. I waited about 1 week and no action from the reviewers. Then I asked the author of the audiojungle, who has almost 300 tracks in his portfolio.
He wrote to me that I can delete the track from hidden files and download it again with the correct description.

I was a little unsure of this choice, but nevertheless he began to persuade me that it had happened to him in the same way many times and everything was fine.

I believed him, deleted the track from hidden files. I sent it again with the correct description. After that, the track was successfully approved 5 days later.

Intuition began to tell me that something went wrong with my sales. There was one sale for the whole month 13 Nov 2021. Envato Team selected my item for the Cyber Week Sale. ( there are no sales )

I already broke my whole brain about this. I don’t know what to think now. :man_shrugging: I wrote to the support service and so far I am waiting for an answer.

@AudioSport . I see your point. I am not sure this is the right way. And i am pretty sure it’s against AJ’s policy. @BenLeong . Actually i just received the 2nd soft reject of the ( item A) due to the same reason. The html code is incorrect. Is the same code i have used for 200 items and it was fine… I resubmitted the item again, following the reviewer’s instruction. That is 12 days of delaying. @AudioSport . My sales also suddenly stoppped 2 weeks ago.