Item got Hard rejected. What can be done further?

Hello Authors,

One of my item got hard rejected, this is the message I got:

The problem persist. Please refrain from submitting this item without first fixing the issue:
The upload directory has all the necessary permissions.

As per me, it works fine, I have tested it in multiple servers.

Can we resubmit the script after making some changes as a new script?

@KingDog @unlockdesign @baileyherbert can you please help me out here? We have liked worked for 4 months in this item for envato and now hearing this from envato is really painful. Can we resubmit it as a new item?


My opinion open a Envato Author Help Ticket they would like to assist you with an official answer.
I think also everything isn’t right to discuss everywhere!!.


Thanks for the reply, I have already opened 2 tickets in support, one 7 hours before and one now (45 mins ago). No reply yet.

I’m feeling helpless at the moment. 3-4 months of work all in vain :frowning: :frowning:

Remember Envato Help Ticket Isn’t Instant Reply Or Support! Must Have To Keep Patience They Must Reply Wait For Their Reply.

Well, they will mostly reply on Monday. Do you think now they can ability to re-accept it? Or I will definetly need to rebrand and submit?

I think you can re-submit after sufficient changed.
Hope you understand.


Hope less, patience Less People can’t survive at Envato Market

Do you meant I am being hope less & patience less here?

1.I don’t understand but do you think this should be the criteria for hard reject?
2. Can I resubmit it with branding changes? Like Name, Images & bit styling in the script? What’s included in sufficient changes you mentioned?

Dear, Is there any way we can contact the review team to know the reason for hard reject?

@KingDog @baileyherbert Any help in here please?

I think you can contact with Envato Review Team But you can contact with Envato Support Team they can getting touch with Reviewer team you can ask your question with support they will help.



From your topics given screenshots I can see there is a upload permission missing. So, if you do changes in your Item and submit again as a new Item without the upload permission fix then again you will get rejected. So, I think you should to fix the issues first then you can go forward. If you have any query or need to know about the issue then you can contact Envato Author Support. Support team will help you. Hope you understand what should to do.


Tried doing it, but the only reason for hard reject is this silly error.


Yes, you’re correct, this is the screenshot we received from the Review team.

We can fix this issue, but do you think we will also need to change the application design a bit so it looks somewhat different from previous?


According to envato review policy hard rejeced item you can’t resubmit. already hard rejected Item again resubmit not acceptable by envato. You may re-submit once you have done significant changes and can be considered as a completely new item that is entirely distinguishable from the first upload.