Issue with review item, resubmit with 3 days & few bug.



Hi everybody,

My theme is pass design & in progress fix bug, i’m very excited for this. But i have bad moments, i get an error every few days, and it lasted more than a month. I’m wondering why they did not synthesize all error, and accelerate product testing?? I understand they are facing a huge amount of products are submitted daily. However, it does not show professionalism during product testing. I had to wait 3 days to receive email “soft reject” from different reviewers. Then i fix bug and wait for 3 next days, i keep getting emails from "soft reject" another reviewer. It repeated and lasted more than a month. It makes me mad and almost impossible to sort my job.:joy:

What happen with the team review of Envato?? You are going to slow the submit item on market?? If really this is the business strategy of Envato, inform the public and set out plans for the author closely. Perhaps we should ask them respect to the authors, people are fighting day and night for Envato. :sweat:


I’ve had the same difficulties, very painful :sob:

Unfortunately, truth is that it is not the reviewers responsibility to find all the bugs/issues and highlight them for us, they are not bug testers. They are just there to check if the quality (coding, standards compliance, design etc) is sufficient for the file to go on sale. If they find a hand full of issues, enough to justify a soft reject, they stop and soft reject.

That said. I have found the review guidelines lacking and the extent of the feedback supplied by the reviewers often very limited and generic. This has made it very difficult to identify issues and reduce soft rejects.


Yes, looks like the market is facing many difficulties, slow selling item, time review item is stretching terrible ( 33 days ). :sweat:


This is very frustrating. I don’t understand how Themeforest staff don’t get how serious of an issue this is. This is the best way to chase away developers. If resubmission queues were say a day or less, it wouldn’t be a problem. I feel for you. 4 x 3 = 12 days. Most of it waiting.


Yep. The first rounds comments were extensive but rest were minor. The last soft reject was for two items - Did not provide a translation for an image alt tag and a variable was not declared. The previous two rounds were very much the same :dizzy_face:

Basically 9 days of waiting for 20 minutes work. Needless to say the last round I literally went through every line of code to be sure. Hold thumbs.


I used to think will invest in market ThemeForest, but things are becoming too difficult, they always require high quality item. But they are not consistent standards for it, each of them like a king, and can push you fall into the abyss after several days of waiting for a small error. :joy:


Yup, i’m having the same situation, are minor errors: textdomain, translation, escape … however they do not synthesize it, they split evenly for 1 month. It was terrible, it pulled all of my work plan, I can not focus on new projects, while old unfinished projects. :sweat: