Why my item takes more than 2 weeks to review

Hi everyone,
Wanna ask for my new item not an update… i send it two weeks ago but no response from themeforest’s reviewers, after I send my item there is more than 100 new items added to themeforest…

Thank you

Are you sure it’s still in review? These are guideline times for the process http://quality.market.envato.com

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can you see your Item Status in your Dashboard right sidebar. If answer yes then please keep patience hope you will get review result email soon. Otherwise please check your email(spam folder also) you should receive email from the reviewer of your Item.

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Yeap I’m sure, cus when I ask for add a new one on Wordpress category… they said that there is 1 item for review at a time!

I didn’t found it… take a look please,
Thank you

Check your mail or hidden item.
Envato reviewer team reply to already.
If your item is soft rejected/hard rejected they must send you a mail view your envato market mail ID


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from your screenshots I can say your Item already got reviewed. So you must should receive email from the reviewer. Can you see your Item in Hidden Tab (besides Dashboard Tab). If answer is yes then your Item got Soft rejected otherwise your Item got hard rejected. But both case you should receive email. please check your email and spam also.

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Actually nothing in my hidden items… and i didn’t get an email from the reviewer… but this message doesn’t mean that my item in a review step?

Thank you so much

I didn’t get the email :frowning:
Is there any way to contact them directly?

Thank you so mush

you can keep one item in your review queue.
you can’t upload more then one item on that category.

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Contact Support they will love to assist you.


Thank you so mush everyone… i’ll Send my item again… if there is the same problem i’ll Contact them…

Thank you guys I appreciate your time <3