I haven't got any feedback from Envato market

Hello everyone!

I uploaded my UI Template 5 days ago, It supposed to be reviewed by the Envato team within 3 days. However after 4 and half days of waiting, I don’t see my template in the author dashboard or profile, neither in hidden items, and neither I got an email from them.

If it is rejected I supposed to get an email, but I got nothing.
If it is soft rejected, I should be able to check in the hidden items section.

I am feeling really frustrated about this. Can anyone help me?

There is no guarantee of how long reviews will take especially over weekends.

If the item is no longer in your dashboard and has not been approved then it’s hard rejected - make sure you check your email spam for the message

Hello, Charlie!

Thank you for the answer. I checked my spam folder as well. There is nothing, it is empty.

I don’t know what to do. Should I submit again?

Email support Envato Authors Help and Support

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Thanks <3