Help For Hard Rejected and Soft Rejected

Leave the review seven days and gave the soft reject for titles and spacing. Worked for 3-4 hours when I resumed again and gave it 5-10 minutes later with a hard project for “Unfortunately, your submission is too similar to existing item(s) in our marketplace”. There are 4 items in the last 4 months same case. Thus, it is difficult to work in the market and it is going to be difficult. Want advice form senior Now what Can i do?

when you submit you need to test everything of that item. and when reviewer makes a soft rejection don’t resubmit the item immediately. take some some, debug you item properly and resubmit again. If that is hard reject then none have nothing to do. Best of Luck

Hello @SandwichTheme

Your item must be unique with existing envato items.

You check responsive in real device and check for html/css validation

Speed test:

Thanks :slight_smile: