Why reviewing an item takes so long on envato, its ten days now with no any response


I Uploaded my item ten days ago, but there is no any message concerning the review. I think this is so bad. U need to know this is business, some one can not wait for weeks for review. Some times you wait for weeks and your item get rejected, if you want to submit it again you will have to wait for weeks again.

This is completely not okay

10 days is too early. Last year on August I’ve waited 60 days for approval including soft rejections. Last December I’ve waited 20 days for approval including soft rejections. I guess it’s better to wait than never :slight_smile:

10 days on CodeCanyon does seem a bit long - are you sure it’s still in review? http://quality.market.envato.com/codecanyon

That said there are many reasons which impact the time and it may just be a temporary hold up.

While I appreciate it’s frustrating everyone needs to realise that a huge amount of the review process and any subsequent delays is beyond envato’s control.

Yes Still Queued for Review, But they take too long. They should look for ways to reduce this waiting time, it’s too much

That’s kind of my point - what ways to reduce it?

  • they get hundreds of thousands of submissions monthly. No feasible amount of hiring would help dent that really.

  • with respect to everyone submitting files, you only need to read forums to see how far off so many are.

I don’t argue envato have a responsibility here but maybe if some authors had a bit more realistic judgement and respect for both envato and other authors on the marketplace and took more time to examine the requirements rather than rushing to earn quickly, then that would actually make a bigger impact than anything.

Again I get its frustrating - I just don’t think it’s as simple as everyone thinks sometimes.