PHP Script review takes more than 7 days.

I submit item on 21 Sept. Today is 28 Sept and my item is still in review.

Reviewer asked resubmission for some reasons and last response from them was on 23 Sept. Also on Monday 27 Sept status was changed to Temporarily held for further review.

Is this normal?

Hello @CryptoExchanger

Yes, this can happen. It means your item is still in review so please give the review team a bit more time :blush:

This take me back to 2015-2016 when item review takes 10-20 days…

I know it can be frustrating but it really depends on the amount of items submitted during this period… look at the bright side, you’ve got a soft reject which means you’ve got higher chances of approval if all the changes required were made :smiley:

In fact, the problem is not in the script. When installing a local machine on the part of the reviewer, a very strange bug occurs most likely a problem with his web server, which in fact does not exist. I have tried it on 6 different machines and 5 different hosting companies. I even made a video proving that the script installs in less than a minute and there are no problems. Also, the documentation is extensive and I explain clearly with photos what to do.

If you’ve mentioned that in your message to the reviewer then it should be fine. Let’s wait and see the outcome for this. Unfortunately, there is no way you can get this process to move faster. Maybe they are trying to figure that issue out right now. Give them a few more days.

Yes everything is provided in comunication with reviewer. Yes, i know it cannot be done anything but its very strange such a big market place to take so long. As i mointed before in 2015-2016 year the review time was this. In the fact we are 2021 and Envato have a big members staff and specialists, the process must be faster.

I understand, but I have noticed that the waiting time was significantly reduced overall. There are indeed certain periods when multiple items are submitted at once, hence the time increases. As far as I know, Envato is aware of this and the teams are working on improving this process as much as possible.

Do you know their worktime and gmt zone?

There are reviewers from all over the world, so this is really something you cannot rely on.