Why all of my Flyers/Logos are getting hard rejected?

All Logos are organized and easy to customize, any ideas?


Is my work really that bad? :frowning:

Bad, well l can’t really comment on the logos, but the flyer is pretty good, apart from not being able to see the third sponsor word.


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About the logos, you need to have all sorts of dimensions on your mind. The first one is a bit too generic and I don’t thing it would work well in small size. You also need to design and present your logo in black and white and none of them work in bw. Imagine striping all color from you logo and just having it printed in black on white paper… how does it look?

Hope this helps.

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Yeah you‘re right.

But how about the flyer? It is one out of 20 :-/

I am really thinkig of leaving Envato.

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I really do not understand this hard rejections. It would be much better if we all could get reasons for hard rejections.

True, but they do help out newbies, occasionally.

As for the flyer, the bottom text, “FLYER BY, DESIGNER” is probably pushing heirachy rules, and the facebook and instagram logos are not allowed.

The sponsor 1, etc are different sizes, (they should all be the same size) but the top text is fine.

Also models are not allowed here, so you can include it in the display, etc, but not in the PSD file, (only a soulette).

Fix all of that, and preferably do something new, but similar and apply and learn about highlight affects, and you should be a step closer to getting more through.

Good luck.


What I can see is In the logo/s

logos aren’t well aligned its like you’ve copy pasted icon from somewhere
and I can see this type of tons of logo/s from everywhere.

facebook covers doesn’t look professional as you can see the fonts / text isn’t readable. really unprofessional you need to well aligned and use few text only.

50 shade of of envato design looks ok BUT again you have used text in really unprofessional way really can’t read.

hope this helps.

Ah did not knew that the icons were not allowed. Maybe that is also the reason in the timeline covers.
The sponsors are not at the same size because logos are not always at the same size :smiley:

I did not import the models, only in preview.

But I am getting nervous about my logos, always rejected. I want to know the reasons. :frowning:

now I corrected it that there is a one color version too but still got rejected :frowning:

How do you mean the logos are not aligned?

Copy pasted? :frowning: started from doodles until I was creating them in Illustrator.

we can clearly see there is no professional work with text just check the logo name and tagline spaces / alignment etc…
even your mockup text / title.

I suggest you go check other sellers profiles.

lol what? text is aligned to the middle like the logo :open_mouth:

see :slight_smile: your aren’t an pro designer because you can’t even see the issues. I’m sorry to say that. your work looks dull without correct alignment and combination. you need to lean how this works and just try to compare your work with other (Sellers) work try match it I’m sure you will lean something.

isn’t it aligned correct? XD

no still wrong

just check this

see the difference and try to think about space with words and logo

I still don’t think that the paddings are part of the alignment :smiley: i think alignment is the centering hahaha :smiley: but i will try to correct this but I think the change is not big enough because i only changed the paddings.

First logo
Probably not professional enough.

Second logo
I like it, should be a soft rejection imo if the dimensions and stuff are not right.

First flyer
Hard rejection because of the nike logo

First Facebook
The dimensions are off, logo and phone number will be hidden by the facebook avatar, reason for hard rejection.

Second Facebook
Again the dimension, there is no space for an logo.

The covers could also be rejected because the designs are not that good (there not bad!) but maybe the reviewer thinks they are not meet the standard

Hope this helps. That coffee logo is great by the way!

Thank you for your help! :smiley: ofc it will help!

Yeah the coffee logo took me a few hours :frowning: I really don’t know what to correct there.

I know I told you this in a PM but for everyone else who stumbles on this topic.

Make sure your files ( logo’s in this case ) are meet the requirements envate want from us: