Rejection in my every Design

I am getting a rejection on my each and every Design while I am seeing some of the worst Designs getting Approved.

Are they really that bad, at least Envato should give a reason for the hard rejection.

welcome to the club lol a club that almost all members are subscribed to without they want to lol indeed all your flyers are much better than a lot accepted , criterias to judge of quality are just impossible to understand as most of the designs accepted are not respecting basic design principles anyways …

i could also show u some of my stuffs or some of some friends of mine that have been binned, u would hallucinate!

now if u want to know the key about all rejections, just check the threat that i started buddy …

all is said ,… the problem is that is that u are not concerned by these reasons and u still get hard rejected all the same with tasteful and well executed designs that are rather original too … who can understand just this? well , all the people i have discussed with do not understand anything about this process …

Your flyers are much better than some of the accepted ones.

At most, your designs should have been soft rejected, maybe, and then approved after a few improvements.

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lol u are right about what u said Jack, now what are the improvements that he should bring to his works? this is good like this anyways … as for me, apart from maybe trying to push labor day on the side way and to flag it on the left , i really do not know what he could do …

I don’t know what reviewers are doing as it is not fair because it makes my moral down when I see a design which doesn’t even meet the core requirement getting approved and are up for sale.

Let’s hope Envato will look throughout to it as some action is required.

On the labor day flyer, maybe he can put something in the right bottom corner to balance the composition

Jack, let’s face it , this is a small deal anyways … it would take a soft rejection if so , not over …

You’re right.

By the way, do they still do soft rejections ?

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your designs looks pretty good… really good. I didn’t read all posts here and I am just telling after what I see…

maybe you are missing technicals? bleeds, safety zones, photos… do not know.

I like your work i see here - it’s good, definately you have design taste.

yeah if u forget a technical thing or to make the puritan policy … ie make u replace a model that has nothing wrong but who is not a nunn …

But those should be reasons for soft rejections, like technical stuff etc

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this is what i was saying buddy :slight_smile:

soft rejection have comment from reviewer why it’s soft rejected, read it, do what reviewer said and you have approval. :slight_smile:
for me your works looks pretty good - should be approved.

LOL u are living in wonderland in your case! with guys like u all is easy and the world is simple LOL what a joke! yes this is supposed to be this way but sometimes despite u do what u are told, u are given a hard rejection instead of a soft one after resubmitting, just because the guy that reviewed the second time does not like what u did but once again u are too good a designer to face hard rejections in your case LOL

What is your problem? :slight_smile: it’s second time when I read about my perfect world from you. Who are you? :slight_smile: hehehehe

everybody can write this kind of supposedly obvious things (that shoudl make perfect sense, yes this is true and u are right about this, no doubt) now, sometimes, if u observe the reality is way different than what u are saying, unfortunately i might add …

as for me i do not have hard feelings for u … as for who i am , definitely a completely different voice than yours … without any judgement of value whatsoever, u can rest assured … this is crystal clear that we are not on the same wave length

In my last three uploads, I used completely new fonts and my files are getting approved, maybe rejection was of using the same font in all designs, but if reviewers had told me about this in rejection emails it would have been much better.

But for now Use New Fonts in each Design and Do something Extra Ordinary.

NO more words from me now and instead of fighting help each other, that is for what this community is created and in the last we designers are Graphic River…


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u are either a naive or a dreamer buddy as regard to the purpose of these forums lol indeed, maybe u did not get it but we both tried to help, but we have a very completely different pedagogy indeed

as for what u said u are right, if solving teh problem of these rejections was as simple as this, why were u told nothing? now if u wanna my point of view, here typo is treated as a “sacred cow” as if it were the only thing that matters and this is very discussable as many other things are as or even more important indeed, but this is the option they took …