Who is this reviewer?

HI there

yes, I’m very angry and disappointed, item was in the review process (it was soft rejected and I was working with the reviewers) and suddenly someone from reviewers team jumped in and hard rejected my item, and the reason is this:

  1. I am afraid we are hard rejecting all submissions without a working demo. http://envato.d.pr/kgfpfn

Hey, you reviewer, are you normal? you are checking “https” instead of “http” who said this that my item is hosted on “https”?? I’ve not provided link with the “http”, OK, let imagine you typed it by accident and you don’t know what is it, even in this case you cant hard reject item which is soft rejected,

Such a shame on you and I’m surprised why you are in the review team at all

Hi, you said. Your server is misconfigured. Why can this happen at all? Customer can also do this and it’ll not get far apparently. It hurts the Envato image where all items should have working demos straight out of the box without the part where “you’ve not clicked on the right spot”. Hard reject after a soft one is bad, but they didn’t say it’s not quality standard to move forward, but we’re removing all items without proper demos. That’s it. Submit it again once you get this working as it should. Thanks!

Add that’s the reason for hard reject???

Who said this? where??? who are you :slight_smile:

As a demo url I have provided it without https, this means you have too show it to customer as is, and if demo is whout https this does not means its not proper, that is not reason to hard reject theme, actually this is very funny, really not serious to hard reject items for this

I need serious explanation on this problem, support ticket is already send but I opened this thread, I’m interesting I’m only one in this situation or not? I will rise up this case as high as possible, till the Collis!

He’s a Level 9 author who has sold over $250K here, so he probably knows a thing or two about item approval.

And such attitude is not permited, please down your tone a bit if you want positive feedback on anything, otherwise, we will be forced to lock this thread. Cheers!

Thanks and sorry about this,
I was (im) very angry

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Patience is always a virtue on the marketplaces! :slight_smile:

:wink: Waiting with big interests,
but to be honest I don’t think that support can to anything helpful, they are absolutely useless, Will post their reply here

You are correct. If your file doesn’t meet the absolute minimum standards, they are useless, you need to learn, they don’t teach, that’s why they are support, not Envato Tuts. But for everything support related, they do a terrific and awesome job!

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My item is back again, they restored it :slight_smile:


Maybe they’re not so useless after all?


:slight_smile: if you fixed your problems and mistakes this does not means you did good job

Does not being useless automatically mean somebody has done a good job?

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This is a error of the review process and stop. It can happen but is again a error of the reviewers.
@nodariko what you write is obviously not correct, you should be objective and impartial to consider this situation.
@enabled I really not think is correct write to the user And such attitude is not permitted, please down your tone… : the only fault of the user is he has wrote reviewer, are you normal? while the fault of the review process has been reject and item without a valid reason due to an error, force the author to lost others weeks and time, and so also some earning, and slow the review process due to double check. I think you also should be objective and impartial to consider this situation, an “aggressive” text of 2 words is nothing if compared to the problems generate by the reviewer.

Permit me to explain. The marketplaces has a set of rules, that you, as author must follow. One of them is not to insult each-other and staff members. Furthermore, the reviewer didn’t “force the author” to loose weeks. His item got rejected, removed, or whatever may have happened. If you feel forced by anything, ask for feedback on the forums, but if you think the reviewers that have well over few years of experience and a total of 20,384,371 items reviewed need to be asked if they are normal, the I suggest you delete your item and try a different job. Any sort of flaming attitude, language, swearing, curses, or things that can start fights for no reasons are not tolerated and never will be on the forums.

Last but not least, the author in question posted a message that was deleted, if you’d see that message, most likely, your defense would no longer be valid. If you have a problem with a reviewer, you can Easily Contact Envato Support, posting “are you normal”, which in laments terms is translated to “are you crazy” on the forums, will get a reaction from me and my colleague moderators. Posting multiple such reactions will get you disabled. It’s quite easy. Please follow the community guidelines, and everything will be fine!

ThePixor thank you, looks like only you can understand situation

They have a problem? I can understand, but is this so complicate to let author about the issue in the system?

What if I meant something else? maybe this is into your translation?
Yes I use their support and they restored item but its a more than week we are on this place and I cant move forward

but that’s not important for now, I’m very angry and disappointed because this is not first time they do such things, this makes me think that they are (Of course not all of them) not professionals and lazy

Believe or not this cirque is continues, Judge yourself, this is what they send me after submitting:
Your demo is down. A working demo is required for the review process. Please fix this so we can move forward. http://envato.d.pr/xkVgH/2fLLXVE2

They still rejecting theme just for “https”, don’t know what to call this, out of idea

I not seen that and maybe you’re correct. I agree also about community rules that must be followed.
About the reviewer instead you’re wrong, in my experience I seen requests that not have any logical human sense, and this happen for most of the requests, the only excusatory is that the single reviewer must follow the guidelines but who made them, I think the senior reviewers, are made a very bad work (I’m referring to Themeforest only).

As written many times on my previous posts most of the requests are completely wrong, at a level that is shocking see that nothing change.

Okay guys. This is not getting anywhere and there is nothing the community can do to help in this situation.

@nodariko, if you meant something else, the write something else, I can say a lot of things a mean a lot of things as well.

Therefore, considering this situation is getting nowhere, @nodariko, please get in touch with Envato Support regarding your issue. The forums will not be able to assist you.

I will also ask you not open a new thread regarding this incident and follow the instructions provided by the review team and the support team. The community cannot assist you with your current situation.

@ThePixor, I’m not arguing with you on this matter, I can only tell you one thing, you must follow what the guidelines and reviewers say on this marketplace, or your items will not be approved. This is the system that has been in place and has been proved functional time and time again, therefore, don’t reinvent the wheel!

I’m going to lock this thread at the moment.

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