Are Envato authirs real?

I uploaded an item and they asked for the ticket number just provided that an they just hard rejected my design. Is it the way ??? What the hell is goin on ?

which item you have submitted ?
can you explain more about your question for getting more help.


Not sure but I can guess you have submitted any Item which has a relation to another Item which is not your for example you have submitted html or wordpress version of any already approved psd or html of another Author. If my guess is correct in that case then Item reviewer must will ask for Author Collaboration ticket id. And now about rejected after getting ticket id item reviewer will start review and if not meet quality then can be rejected. Hope you understand



If not already started review then what the hell I got email that reviewer said we reviewed your item and its soft rejected. Give author id and you are done.

Its PSD design file and that’s all. I am not sure this trash market is actually exits sadly.


yes, reviewer is right they already started your item review and that’s why your item got soft rejected and asked you to provide ticket id.


A support ticket number? What was the ticket about?

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Author collaboration and I provided that from reapective author.

There is a good chance that without the basics then they had not really begun a full review.

If for some reason the plugin author had then rejected a collaboration then it would have been counter-productive.

You can always submit your demo link here to get initial feedback pre-review

Out of interest…

Why did you need a plugin collaboration??

Then why they rejected ? Any thing added by reviewer ?


Reviewer aren’t responsible for reply to reason quality standard is enough you have to study and research about Envato>themeforest quality standard for approving item.

Hope you understand.



Then its not a great way by any means to be there for any valid business if it does not care for its core members. This way Tf will lose its trust and hence every one knows what a business can do if its trust goes away.

I hope you get it.

Themeforest is premium & best quality business platform.Qualified people are welcome and they can get in shine easily but newest people need to be learning about themeforest quality! for approving their item.

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We are regular user of themeforest items and know its quality very well. Authors never responding, scripts killing and even items disappear once needed to download. Well that’s other point.

No matter how professional or premium TF is every author gives his/her best and needs proper response to move on.

If someone really gives a year to product and gets no response he/she will be feeling …

So, a proper response is always needed no matter what.

if you know well then why you asking the reason? it can be easy to understanding for you.
Have any question about rejection reason get in touch with Envato customer success they would like to help people.At forum no one can’t tell about the item rejection reason can give some idea only.

If you read carefully I did not ask for the reason or what ever man. I said envato should give reason to authors so author know what’s actually problem.

If you read title carefully it shows author frustration very well. If envato is serious about business then every tiny thing should be kept in mind.

I hope you get it.

@galaxy-theme I totally understand what you’re saying about wanting Envato to be more helpful in feedback, but they also have to review thousands of audio files every single day. If they all wrote personalized comments on every item then they wouldn’t be able to upload most people’s items, and most authors would have rather have their items approved than to slow everything down by months for rejection comments.

@unlockdesign Does Customer Success give feedback for individual items? I have never heard that, all I have seen is the author help document about current item standards.

hi @SoundStormLabs if you want to know feedback for individual items then you have to open help ticket then they will give you feedback.


@SoundStormLabs I really appreciate your professional approach here. Thanks for your time.

Well, as far time concerned envato charges for every single sale to both author and customer. Additonally, they charge certaim amount say 37.5% to exclusive authors while I think 60% to non exclusive authirs for every single sale.

Still if they can’t manage staff to reduce time of queue and provide valued support then I don’t think any such business exist in whole part of world.

No doubt we go envato way but reality is simple envato does not care for its author by any means.

It’s been covered a thousand times but there are other key points to the discussion beyond just the time factor. In no way am I suggesting that there is no room for improvement, but it is important (for everyone’s sanity and to prevent further confusion), to consider the wider picture.

Longer /more committed reviews .
We don’t know how many submissions happen each month but, in the past, it has been out at 10’s of thousands. Based on 1 hour to do 100 reviews would take 12 working days based on 7.5-hour days!

Hire more reviewers.
To make a visible difference would require huge numbers of hires. From a business perspective this would have to be paid for from somewhere i.e. more fees

The value of giving detailed reviews
Just by looking in these forums we see rejected items which are miles from the standard. Based on these - if a reviewer told them to improve typography, resolve hierarchy etc. what % would realistically be able to action that effectively?

To your point about how not getting feedback makes authors feel - if an author feels that they have addressed feedback, but it is still not enough, then will this not create more delays and even greater frustration for both reviewers and the author?

There is also an elephant in the room here – again without trying to justify envato’s position, nor aiming this at any one case, if some authors took the time and respect to realistically review their items properly before submission and carry out even basic checks like validation, pixelated assets, then the review queue would dramatically reduce and submissions increase. The fact is that for everything anyone can expect envato to do there must be a level of responsibility on authors also

Ultimately it is impossible to please everyone. I am 100% certain that envato would welcome a workable solution to improving the review process, but what would that look like?