First Submission to themeforest

Hey guys.
So, im new to themeforest. I decided to upload a PSD Theme. but after searching and reading all the topics and guidelines and all the rejection one and all, im afraid that will it be accepted or not?

Well, i usually work at and with over 2 years experience so i decided that i should sell my themes on themeforest to! But Really, i dont know what after reading all the rejections and other topics, i feel afraid or somehow nervous.

Hello! @HAM_D

your item will approve, when your item have something new design, must be unique from envato marketplace library , you can follow this link for ThemeForest General File Preparation Guidelines

I am going to tell you a real truth which did not told by anyone till date:

The matter is reviewer thoughts. Reviewer likes only one style. Means if he thought a blonde color girl is beautiful so if you will present a dark complexion girl in front of him so he will reject. Because of his thinking culture. Although a black girl also be a beautiful girl.

Envato must hire reviewer of every culture.

Example: I submitted a high class PSD template of arab culture restaurant, as reviewer was not aware with arab culture so he rejected it. Although that psd template i personally sold to more than 100 clients.

Secondly Envato’s reviewer should respect the author experience and should not exceed from their limit.


IF your PSD shows the required quality will be approved, but if it is not up to the standards required by TF will be previously turned.

Good luck with your submission

@yasirzia I would like to see an example of each of the styles you denominas,