PSD Template Rejected | Please help...!!!

Dear Experts,

My PSD Template was “Rejected”!
Please, help to identify what is wrong with it.

Here is the link:

Please, help me with this problem.
I will be appreciated for any advice!

It is really important to me!
I created my first item and it was rejected and I have no idea why! After that, I started working again on the next template through youtube video but still, it was rejected. Maybe I did some simple mistakes or maybe I should improve my knowledge and skills.

Please help!


I have see your item design most of design are common need to make more unique & aesthetic hope will approved.
Need to improve your item design quality, typographic hierarchy, spacing & alignment.



Thank you so much for answering.

Other than design is there any other mistake you can point out for me so that i don’t make same mistake again.


You can submit your design at Envato forum hope people will reply to you with good feedback.

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Hello! plz review my design as well My PSD template was soft rejected but don't know what to change

hi if this is soft rekected , normally u have instructions to follow …