PSD Template | Hard Reject! Please, help! It is important for me!

Dear Experts,

My PSD Template was “Hard Rejected”!
Please, help to identify what is wrong with it.

Here is the link:

Please, help me with this problem.
I will be appreciate for any advice!

It is really important for me!
I created my first item and it was hard rejected and I have no idea why! Maybe I did some simple mistakes or maybe I should improve my knoweledge and skills. I’m ready to work hard but I need at least one advice what I should improve.

Please help!

Hey @wwweblive , i know item rejection is frustrated.

I review your template design. and i found your template is too common, as the current trend you have to make something unique and creative.

Hope you will try again and make something more creative and unique and come again.

Never lose hope. Cheers!!!

Hello @MythicsDesign,

Thank you very much for your helpful advice!
I will try to create something more creative and unique.


Hello there,
I review your design is too basic. Need major improvement with typography, alignment and spacing. Try to make it more attractive.


Hello Themixxx,

Thank you for your feedback!

Could you provide an example what exactly is wrong with typography, alignment and spacing?

The examples would be very helpful for me to move forward and don’t make the same mistakes!


  1. this typo not good with spacing
  2. there also

Overall design problem with visual hireachy

hope you got it

Hello Themixxx!

Thank you for your helpful feedback!

I will try to learn more about typography and visual hierarchy.


Hello! plz review my design as well but its soft rejected My PSD template was soft rejected but don't know what to change