Please Help just a question - You're nearly there!

After Soft Reject and resubmit I get this message:

Here is the comment from your Envato Quality team reviewer:

Open your ticket for the collaboration with

We look forward to reviewing your submission once you’ve made the changes!

Can you help me, I don’t understand wat I need to do. Thank You.

have you taken anything from drozd website Author as like are you using thier psd or html?
if yes then you have to contact them and tell them to open a help ticket at envato author support and let them know that you (you and psd/html author) are making collaboration. if approve then you have to submit that ticket id into your next update comments. Thanks


Thank you, I have resubmit the item and I have write I am the author from the website.
Do you think is OK? or I need something ?
Thank You.

you have already submitted. so, lets see the revie result.

Your updated item has been approved.

Thank You for your answer. My first Item is Live.

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