Item soft rejected urgent help needes


Our first item got soft rejected and here is reviewer feedback.

“Open a ticket ID With Classic Addons for the partnership”

Now, we don’t know what to do and what’s the issue actually.

Can any one help me please ???


You have to have the right evidence of agreements and/or licenses to include other people’s plugins in your theme

But reviewer asked for a ticket id. Which ticket id and how to get please ?

The owner of the plugn submits a ticket stating they have given permission > you include that ticket ID in your submission

But again you forgot from where to get that ticket ??? As I have no such option in my account to generate such ticket. If I don’t have then how other author can have such option ???

Its a time waste forum where even no one knows real solution

As above:

  • You need to come to an agreement, reimbursement with the author of the plugin

  • they submit a ticket to envato telling them that they have given you permission to use it. Same way as any other ticket

  • they give you the ticket ID

  • you include that ID in your submission