[Soft rejected] For some strange reason.

Hey guys, normally we’re not complaining when a theme is soft rejected but after waiting 11 days and then simply receiving a comment like this

“Soft Rejected. Sorry to say, but Wakana looks similar to what we already include on our Marketplace. Please work on your theme and submit a unique design instead.”

We had to ask for your opinion because it’s just strange.

Here’s the theme

Let us know please if this rejection reason is valid or not? If so, what do you guys think we need to change on this one. Anything would help because we’re a bit stunned by the feedback of the reviewer.

Envato isn’t the place it used to be, been an author for almost 7 years but never seen anything like this. Waiting 11 days and then they simple say be more unique. While 70% of all themes on themeforest look the same. Some just change images and load the same theme over and over again and that’s fine???


It looks quite unique to me. I don’t know what they are talking about. The only thing I would change is to have a larger font for the main menu.

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Lol what the hell?! This is by far the most unique theme I’ve seen lately, this is ridiculous…

Who is the reviewer?

The reviewer is a new guy. His themeforest username is [name removed]. We want to ask for a second opinion but don’t know how to achieve this without having to wait for weeks. And we refuse to change anything on this theme since it’s just as Sekler mentioned as unique as it gets.

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i somewhere I have seen such layout but I do not know where - especially solution with photos;)

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Yes, I’ve seen already a menu in header … and usage of parallax too … yes, and images too …
This is ridiculous … :smirk:

This is great theme and you should eventually get some soft reject only if there are some technical issues (validation or similar …)

What’s happening with Envato … ??


I suggest you to submit the theme without changing anything and add a message to the reviewer. There may be a mistake. At least they should give the name of that item which looks similar to your item…

By the way it looks great, congrats :slight_smile:

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Whoa, your theme is superb!

Yes, the reviewer is rejecting us constantly with very short message and when we are reviewed by another one, and if we are rejected the messages are A LOT more descriptive concerning what should be changed.

It will just be a lot nicer when more description is provided when a theme is soft rejected…

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maybe reviewer saw what I saw

Hi there
Pretty cool theme. I am too surprised on the themes getting rejected and some themes that look terrible get approved. Same thing is happening with our theme 5 soft rejections and i honestly don’t see any issues just because things are a bit different. Here is our theme http://nitro-studio.com/themes/astrid/#homepage



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“Soft Rejected. Sorry to say, but Wakana looks similar to what we already include on our Marketplace. Please work on your theme and submit a unique design instead.” , and it told by new reviewer ??? It’s not make a sense. There are 9,407,350 items for sales,how many day for him to look all item? :grinning:


Resubmit and ask him to look again. And ask him for properly feedback on the design.

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This looks awesome, i really like it , and it has unique sections. Emil is not a new reviewer, users know him because he gives many soft rejection with the same copy/paste reasons. He rarely takes his time to write a reason…

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Hey guys, thanks for the feedback and support. We’ve just re-submitted the theme without changes, counter arguments and asked for descent feedback if it’s not still not good enough. Also added a link to this thread to show them how others see it.


Whaaat !!!?? how this theme could be soft rejected, this is really a unique design for me

And i think we had already an example of a theme that had been hard rejected (i think by mistake), and now it’s featured, with some good number of sales (post link)

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Maybe he just remember some item because he likes it … thats why he think it’s similar

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Even Elite authors sometimes get rejected and it’s probably pretty humbling. BUT this is some amazing work! I hope it was just some misunderstanding… or something. Let us know how this plays out.

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Thanks Darinka. As stated before we don’t mind being rejected but it’s the reason they give. And trust me, elite authors get rejected more then once per item. Only you don’t hear them complain. Except now :smiley:

Your theme is very nice! I would ask for more feedback from the reviewer as It’s not fair to reply with that “generic message” to the work you put in that theme. Good luck!

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Hey guys, got our second feedback round. Still looks like he’s just saying something out loud without thinking.

  1. Theme was submitted without changes.
  2. Increase usability for the following: - http://envato.d.pr/WlZj/5wVpAHuB - http://envato.d.pr/1lebf/4HGRtJaK - http://envato.d.pr/mZyy/5Ehvj9Bf
  3. Scrolling effect should probably be removed, it’s reducing usability as well.
  4. Feels plain and bit unfinished: - http://envato.d.pr/1fCDm/lpX7oUUr
  5. Double titles again and content has low contrast: http://envato.d.pr/18Ts6/5dZA6YlW
  6. Low visibility: http://envato.d.pr/1czp0/2GDjHecH
  7. Also feels plain: http://envato.d.pr/162mv/1mm1YNGC
  8. Dates should not change on scroll: http://envato.d.pr/11rQH/3l4Bcip U also, make them linkable to the post.
  9. More buttons are not consistent with the rest: http://envato.d.pr/17Kxv/4F6M7n8r, http://envato.d.pr/1cGLM/3NpaeqCr
  10. Layout is bit jumpy on a page load. Good luck!

let us know your thoughts please?