Poor Envato Feedback


We are Themeforest Authors from 5 years ago and a thing like this it never happened:

We have submitted our WordPress Theme and this comes soft-rejected with a list of 9 various issue to fix from the Envato Theme Check Plugin, and design problems like typography hierarchy and some problems about things not properly aligned and other padding problems, without posting any example of this, so we could not know at what the reviewer was referring, but ok.
We have checked all the Theme and after some days we fix all the issue and then we are re-submit the Theme.

Soft Reject again!
And this is the Reviewer reason:

Unfortunately, the changes are not enough and the previous review still stands. Please check your item carefully to make sure all reported issues were adequately addressed before resubmitting

sorry, seriously?
Ok, maybe somethig is still wrong but a least to indicate what the point of the previous list isn’t good yet or post some example of what do you mean…
The Envato Plugin report all ok and we have fix the design problems, but if the reviewer don’t post examples of the exact thing that isn’t ready yet we can’t continue to improve the theme…

What can we do now?