Wordpress soft rejection, vague reason

Hello Guys, i hope you’re doing well.

I just submitted my Wordpress theme and it got soft rejected, my html template already approved and i know that this doesn’t guarantee an approval under WordPress category, but i got only one reason for this reject and it wasn’t clear.

This is the reviewer message:

Your design needs significant improvements in terms of aesthetics and attention to details.

can any anyone tell me what does the reviewer expect from me, honestly, I don’t have any idea what to do. maybe anyone here can point out me, what should i need to improve/change?

Demo link blackbeard

Thank you so much to everyone will read it and help me!

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@charlie4282 can you please take a second and help me ? i’ll really appreciate your help.

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Your code has avoidable validation issues

Other than that it looks ok but FYI the concept is heavily overdone and we’ve seen several like it be rejected based on this

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You design is good, but missing a few elements to be approved. Feel free to contact me for a more detailed discussion: (removed: Self Promotion)

thank you so much for your response.

so there’s no chance this theme will get approved, should i just drop this theme and start working on another one ?

lol, that awkward moment when the theme I’m currently developing looks very similiar to this one.
And I did not even look for inspiration in existing items, just randomly started designing it in Figma, and I was thinking that the design looks pretty unique.


Oh my