[Soft Reject] - is it joke ?!

My theme was soft-rejected by [removed by mod: don’t call out staff]. I was fixed issues and resubmitted it.
And today I got soft-rejection from another reviewer. And he is American. Probably will hard reject theme. What should I do ? :frowning:

I have no experience about this case, but I will write my opinion in “Message for reviewer” when I resubmit item, or send them a support ticket.

I will do it. But I don’t believe that he willl approve.

The reviewers nationality is not relevant.

What was the soft rejection message? What’s the demo link?

Is it possible that you think you fixed it but the reviewers may not agree?

I was fixed issues in previous resubmissions. And reviewer wasn’t send me that issues again. Old reviewer was tested theme completely. Him last message was :

Here is the comment from your Envato Quality team reviewer:
Preview image doesn’t look right: https://envato.d.pr/p4EX9n

So , he was approving theme.

Is that it? the preview image size?

I can only assume that the old one was not overwritten somehow?

Image size.
Plus new reviewer tests old version of theme.

5 different authors have already looked at me. Last Reject: Empty areas should not display unless content is set: https://envato.d.pr/6CbWnP
I am no longer curious, if another comes, other problems will arise.

after all are you accepted? @ChernPIX
how many rejects did you get?

Yiu should be grateful that you have a soft reject and the reviewer spcify the issue.

Is nit a big deal to fix those bugs, they are bugs after all!

no problem, i understand, I learned a LOT after so many rejects. My Theme has now been accepted! :slight_smile:

13 Times soft reject/ Yes item aproved

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