Soft Rejection - Wordpress theme

Hi !

We got another soft rejection for a wordpress theme. The message from the reviewer we got on the 2nd rejection. Now on the 4th rejection we got the same message as:

Sorry but your theme still does not meet the minimum quality requirements to be accepted into the WordPress category. Please concentrate on improving typography, layout, and general styling as these are key factors in gaining approval into the marketplace.

Please help us. I guess if we will got another rejection we will move on another marketplace :frowning:
Many thanks

I’m really puzzled - why such a generic reviewer reply … It’s really good - typography, hierarchy, white space … all is good. It’s not too creative and innovative (in my opinion, sorry), but it’s really well crafted.

We’re in the similar position - we already got 6th soft reject. After few more detailed soft reject reviews, last one was identical to yours.

I believe that there are some other reasons to (soft) reject themes - not their lack of quality, but more to reduce the marketplace pressure of new coming themes in order to reduce oversaturated market.
Or, they simply want to push you to your limits, to tweak your theme to the max. (although, I don’t see much room for tweaking here …)
Sorry if I’m not too helpful. :slightly_smiling:

Hi micemade!

Thanks for your feedback. You have great themes on the market. I really don’t know from where to start. I really need this theme to be accepted :frowning:

I guess I will remove the bold from the title sections and will decrease the line-height between the title and the subtitles.

What do you think?

Oh gosh, I don’t know if this won’t sound too harsh, because the theme is really well-crafted and nice. One year ago it would easily get accepted. But today, there are just sooo many with this style. And of course they’re selling well, look at the top selling themes, it’s this style! No wonder authors are following it.

The question is, is it your design or is it the style? And why do ThemeForest reviewers no longer like this style?

The last article in Envato’s blog that was also promoted in our dashboards, was basically called “Authors, do niche.” Also, when you look at the latest accepted themes in WordPress category, those that dare themselves to call “multipurpose” have a distinct and original flavor. And yours, however nice, unfortunately misses that.

I probably will sound like a bad person, but how is this soft rejected? It looks like something approved 2 years ago. This needs some real changes in the design area, it looks old and with no attention to details. I would change the landing page as well .

Hi Darinka!

Thanks for your feedback. What shall I do in order to get accepted? I have niche themes too but they are in progress right now. I really need to have this theme approved :frowning:
Many thanks

Hi Compot!

Thanks for your feedback. Can you please be more descriptive? What do you mean by “no attention to details”?

Many thanks

Hi! I’m not saying you should change it to niche. If you want to do multipurpose in today’s market, it just needs to look whole lot interesting. Study the latest accepted mutlipurpose themes. Write on paper - how is this one or that one distinct? What makes it special?

Hi! Thanks again, I will have a look to the latest accepted multipurpose themes. What do you think about the About us pages, services pages? Many thanks again

@ThemesHash you dont need major redesign, just a spacing and typo change

Hi Vinirama!

Thank you for your feedback. On the 2nd rejection email it was same message. I changed the typo and I made the sections space padding-top and padding-bottom to 70px. It’s too small? shall I increase to 85px?

What type of fonts to use? thanks a tone

totally agree with @Compot @vinirama

It has many problems with repairs

There are two to three text sources in use or I’m wrong

You have to solve the typography and the respective weights
You have to solve spaces

All the work seems a little dated, but that back in time is the footer section.

Stop using images that are often used that makes a project closely resembles another, the current gallery that got their pictures I’m sure if it gets to navigate will find better images and better styles

Good luck

Hi TexTheme!

The custom text (tiele, subtitles and the text that refer to about us) belong to me. About spacing, shall I increase them or reducing them?

Many thanks. Also trying to find other images

Sefario Busness 1

  • typical design and sections

  • icons(buttons) on portfolio hover , why not centered verticaly? also I do not like blue hover for buttons in this hover, white 2px radius border and blue … something is not right … also this black hover for image doesn’t look good when You put very white image

  • LATEST POSTS in footer - remove this white dotted border, make it similar to borders in images MY PHOTOSTREAM from footer.

-OUR BEST SERVICES INCLUDE - you don’t have better quality image of this girl? on Retina it looks like low or medium quality from photoshop.

That’s something from me :wink:

Hi WordicaTheme!

Thanks for your feedback. :slight_smile: Right now I’m working on the default demo where I removed that border from latest news from bottom, and where I have changed the typo of the page. after the default demo will be ready I will go the the business demo and so on :).

What do you think of the typo of the default home page demo?

Many thanks