Soft reject for my first WP theme. Need help!

Hi everyone! I uploaded my first WP theme and had many reviews. I made a lot improvements across all theme. But last reviewer message confused me. I don’t know what need to change. I think it’s picky. Please help me!

PS. I created a lot of themes with other authors and all themes was approved. I didn’t see similar problems.


Reviewer message:

  1. As I was going over the previous notes and compare them to your current update, it appears that changes are pretty minima.
  • Quality needs work.
  • Attention to detail.
  • Typography.
  • Better aesthetics.

Some, but not all examples:


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And the reviewer is emiluzelac

How do you know?

Experience :joy:

Understood! But I tired from this review (

I am tired since 2018

There is no answers for this type of review. I am clueless what he is expecting.

Makes no sense it looks very good!

The review process is getting horrible!!!

Yes, It’s strange. I sent request to support and got similar answer. Problem because of no details and refinements. Don’t need send a lot of text. Only indicate problem. Moreover, I already did this improvements. Review process need make more transparent where it needs.


That’s the problem. Couple of reviewers are just so picky. Gone are the days when all items were reviewed by so sensible and design lovers like @kailoon and @Ivor

And it is sad. Thanks!

I too opened a support ticket for my recent item and got the same reply as you got.

@kailoon answered by support and it was similar from reviewer. Sad!

But I have not replied too that ticket since I am so much demotivated now. I was preparing a theme for Covid-19 but now believe it will only get approved by the time corona is over :joy:

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Yes, you are right! ) And it’s sad

@charlie4282 @LSVRthemes I see you guys help people with their rejected items. Do you have some views about this item?

I uploaded HTML version and it has good sales.
I created WordPress version two month ago and two month I made improvements.
I spent two month of development )

Thanks for help!

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Theme looks pretty good indeed but there is always room for improvements.

For example why the icon set for “What we do for all people” on home 1 is completely different compared to home 2?

On home 1 (probably else as well) “Help is Our Main Goal” have no left padding on screen sizes around 1030 to 1150px.

In “Helpo Holds for You” section the information under thumb should be visually separated, at least by using some bold text if nothing else.

Home 1 header slide 3 - “Dicover” instead of “Discover” on the button.

Why there is a huge white space above the form box?

Also it may be issue on my end, but your site is super slow to load on my end.

Those are all small things but they all add up.

It is super easy to get frustrated by a reviewer, I know exactly how that feels, but he just wants to get the best from you. Take it as an opportunity to improve even further even that you may feel it is already good enough and it doesn’t seem fair.


There is a good news and bad news in your review message:
Good news : you received specific sections to be improved to pass the design review process.
Bad news : major improvement shall be applied to your next submission otherwise hard rejected might be received (unfortunately).

So please do not rush your next submission, You’re nearly there!.
Finally, make the mentioned sections more unique and attractive more than it’s avoiding basic mistakes like typography and space.
Good luck!

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