Soft reject for my first WP theme. Need help!

Hi everyone! I sent here my problem long ago and I thought that i decided this problem with your help. But they sent me again.

I uploaded my first WP theme and had many reviews. I made a lot improvements across all theme. But last reviewer message confused me. I don’t know what need to change. I think it’s picky or maybe mistake. Please help me!


Reviewer message:

  1. Sorry to say, but quality improvements are still needed and more attention to details as well:


You have a duplicate thread here Soft reject for my first WP theme. Need help! and I don’t see significant changes in your design. The screens you have shared here looks identical to the ones shared in the other thread.

Hi my friend!

It’s new improvements. Previous changes was minimal in text but I good polish some blocks and elements. I changed color of text, negative spacing and naming of titles. I didn’t know what need to change. After a few improvements it’s again. I made improvements 20 times during 3 months and some of them very strange. I think it isn’t fair because ThemeForest approved worse themes.
Helpo HTML is bestseller.

I created many WP themes with my partner and didn’t see simillar problems.

He is emiluzelac as you know. You were right!