Can someone help pls. X Hard Rejects, then Y soft , then again hard.

Hi to all,
i;m really confuse and frustated.
Here is the link of my theme.
First i had 3 hard reject. Then suddenly ont the 4th time i got Soft reject with following 3 soft reject and now again Hard Reject.
My reviewers are always different. First time in the Soft reject they wanted to fix 4 sections, then the second time another 6 and always different. And all they stated that i have not fix this section they want, but they are different reviewers. Already too tired and sad from this.
Pls help.

Don’t have any word to say you.
Trying Continue tiny time review is like that :zipper_mouth_face:

Сколько попыток - не надоело?

7 tries now going to post resubmit for 8th time


The reviewers are right. Your item isn’t ready for ThemeForest. Sorry to tell you this but you need to make your item more attractive and also solve some serious problems. Resubmitting the item without solving any problems will lead to a new rejection. Simple as that.


Too much lorem ipsum -> it makes your website unfinished. (+ all the other questions)

Too much white space:

What kind of title is this?! It seems unfinished. Created in a hurry:

Massive problems:

Bad typography

Use a pin point with the same colors as your color palette. this is out of place here :expressionless:

Overall it looks more like a free template. It doesn’t have any premium feeling. Try to take a look at some approved designs and then correct / create new template by learning from others.

Good Luck!

thank you for your reply. Appreciate it.
Seems that this issue are on browser different than Firefox and I have not made cross browsing test.
Indeed i need to fix them and make the theme looking more premium.

Thanks you for your reply.