who is G Hammond-Hagan from London?

why so many reversals from this man? whats going on?

Can Envato block this customer?


write to support!

allready done

It’s actually problem

The same situation, reversal from this buyer, 6 months after sale… :confused:

Hi there! G Hammond-Hagan this man also bought my track too, 5 October 2016 and also on the Mass Reproduction license. Now is that the return was not, but I worry that I can be one of those who will have to return the money for the goods, and I worry about my colleagues, who to suffer action from this man, I know more 10 people, Envato please check account of this man.



Here is the App referred to:

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Here is George Hammond-Hagan talking about the app @PaulGraves is referring to and I’m guessing the music was to be used in this app.

He is a songwriter who has written music for a few major label artists some years ago. Here’s his discography:

Problem is only way to check if the tracks are being used is to buy!

He has the same headphones as me! Well, jokes aside, he also bought one one my tracks. I dont know, still no reversal. But at least i have 30 bucks here, so i am not going to be in - balace whatsoever. Probably his iphone app didnt paid off…